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10871Adel Verp. vs. Basari (was Re: Top 10 February Games - A Retrospective)

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  • cwmassey
    Mar 1, 2002
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      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Walter Hunt <hotc@a...> wrote:
      > I believe that the most important part of Basari is to figure out
      > other people are going to pick. It's sort of like an SAT question -
      > can usually rule out one or even two choices based on board position
      > jewels held. It's a guessing game, and there is the
      > groupthink/anti-groupthink thing going on, but I reallly like it.
      > is a pretty cool game too, but I prefer Basari. I know it's not one
      > your favorites, but it's one of mine - and thanks to Dave Cousins I
      > finally have one!

      I like both games and will gladly play either. As Walter mentioned,
      in Basari you are trying to put your best guess on what opponents will
      do. I think the same is true of Adel. I don't think Basari has the
      same tension level that Adel has, but what I like about it is the
      bidding mechanism so everyone in theory has a chance to get something.
      I also think the bidding mechanism where the players involved must up
      the bid or drop and cannot state what they would like, but instead
      must state what they will give works very well.

      What I think makes the games different is Basari has one level of out
      guessing. You try to figure out what you want verses what opponents
      want and go for it. In Adel, you do this twice - deciding on the
      Auction House verses Castle and then again at the respective location
      depending on who else shows up.

      I also think both games have multiple paths to victory - no one
      strategy dominates.

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