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10846SR: Triangoes, Quintillions

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  • Vitas Povilaitis
    Feb 27, 2002
      February 26, 2002

      Private session. Played 2-player Triangoes and 2-player Quintillions.

      Triangoes is a set of laser-cut acrylic tiles in the shape of triangles.
      They have one color on one side and two colors on the other. It comes
      with a leather-textured vinyl banner that is used as the game board.

      Triangoes, like all Kadon games, is more of a kit for geometrical puzzles.
      It comes with a booklet of games. We tried one, To the Point, in which we
      place tiles on the game board such that edges do not touch. The last
      person who can do that wins. We also tried another game, Match, in which
      we place tiles (dual-colored side up) on the game board such that edges
      must touch and must match in color. We played three games in about an

      Quintillions is a set of laser-cut wooden tiles shaped in all the twelve
      arrangements that five squares connected on edges could be in. We played
      a game such that we alternately draw tiles, then we alternately place the
      tiles in the center of the table and score a point for each edge that
      touches an existing tile, then we spend six turns each shifting tiles
      around scoring the same way, then we remove tiles scoring for each edge
      that no longer touches the remaining tiles. The person who goes first
      gets a five-point start. We played two games for about a half-hour each.

      Then the tricky thing. We actually had the Super Deluxe Quintilions
      which has additional shapes extending into the third dimension. (I can't
      wait to play a game using those!) Putting these pieces back into their
      rectangular shape took about another 45 minutes. :-)

      Vitas: 97
      Nancy: 82

      Vitas: 91
      Nancy: 87