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Re: Programmer and software for Standard GX1510 mobile

I sent you an email; the Uniden equivalent to the GX1510 is a SMH1525DT VHF & SMU4525KT UHF. Uniden AMX793 s/w should work and it or the Standard program may
Sep 3, 2012

Midland 70-174 Portable (Uniden SPH255DT)

I have a pair of Midland 70-174 portables (same as Uniden SPH255DT) that I'd like to use on 144-146 MHz but my version of the APX-810 programing s/w (V.2.07,
Sep 3, 2012

APX810 and Uniden SPH255DT

I have a Uniden SPH255DT that I decided I would get a program cable and software to program it. I had previously downloaded APX810 (Unipro V2.6). I purchased
Sep 3, 2012

Re: Alignment Instructions for a FMU-250K

Here it is.  It is a bit time consuming.  Not as easy as the VHF radios.  Ken KG4MUW ________________________________ From: nc4ab To:
Ken Hurst
Jun 10, 2012
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Re: For Sale Uniden SMU250

You might want to reconsider that price. Our ham radio club has several of these that we have been trying to sell at $75 each, we have sold a few at that
Jun 10, 2012

MRX450ZX Repeater

Wow. suddenly many traffic here at the group, Need info if the mentioned repeater in the subject can be "out of band" programmed, want o put one in Ham
Juan Tellez
Jun 10, 2012

FMU-250K channel capacity

FYI, for the guy with the FMU-250K's, it is a 36 channel radio, as is its VHF brother the FMH-350D.
Norm Williams
Jun 10, 2012

Re: uniden fmu250k service manual

I uploaded alignment instructions earlier this evening.  See if that helps.  If there is a page or section you need  in particular, let me know.  I have a
Ken Hurst
Jun 10, 2012

Re: have one Re: WTB: AMX 500C Programmer Manual

That would be great thank you ... From: kg4muw9 Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 5:04 PM To: UnidenLMR@yahoogroups.com Subject: [UnidenLMR]
Jun 10, 2012

uniden fmu250k service manual

im looking for a service manual for a uniden fmu250k tia jj
Mar 25, 2012

I have 7ea. UNIDEN SMS-825TS new in boxes....

each Transceiver has a mic, power cord, mounting bracket and hardware. I would like to sell them. Any idea on the dollar value of them? Thanks, John C.
Mar 25, 2012

For Sale Uniden SMU250

I have 2 99 ch scanning alpha display 2 way radios for sale they are 450-490 split, they also are Narrow Band capable, programmable (PC), I used them as my
Mar 25, 2012

Uniden AMX260 speaker- cable color code or schematic

Anyone have a schematic for the AMX260 amplified speaker or know the color code of the speaker cable? My speaker cable was cut and they lost the accessory
Mar 25, 2012

Software Manual for APX812

Was wondering if anyone has a PDF copy of the manual for the APX812 software. I have the software and have figured out most of it but would like to have the
Mar 25, 2012

FTH600D control head assy jack pin out for amplified remote speaker

I've got a FTH600D that is missing the assy jack plug and the remote speaker/mic cord was simply cut off when it was uninstalled. I need the pin out on the
Mar 25, 2012
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