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Re: Fish Training Video + returning, new Betta, Egyptian Blue Lotus seeds, other plant(s) recommendation?

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  • Jaeda
    3 seconds....about the same memory as a troublesome toddler hehehe... Seriously though, I ve read and heard so many different claims, scientific and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7 8:22 AM
      3 seconds....about the same memory as a troublesome toddler hehehe... Seriously though, I've read and heard so many different claims, scientific and not-so-scientific, regarding the memory span, aptitude for "thought", limits of the brains, etc. of so many different species (not at all limited to fish), that over the course of my life and my own experience with different species, subspecies, and specific breeds, that I have come to these two conclusions:
      1. Science is not infallible, subsequently unlike say some religions, it allows room for new information to change "the rules of thumb" or "accepted facts" (even if it sometimes takes fighting the established norm)
      2. Animals (finned, feathered, skinned, scaled, and everything else that may not fall under those categories - you know, like mushrooms being neither vegetable nor mineral but something "other" :) are usually underestimated and inevitably there will be one or more exceptions to "the rule".
      I have found goldfish to be a lot like most (not all) dogs in that they can be incredibly motivated by treats/food to learn new behaviours. Of course, I've also had one that began "trick" based upon food motivation but in short order found more reward in my family's joyous reaction to his actions - and that reminded me an awful lot like the smartest of dogs that I've had whose joy came not in receiving a treat, but in working for me and simply seeing an approving smile and pride-filled eyes. you make that connection, have a relationship with another living thing, and it can be amazing the things they can and will do just because it makes you both happy. Gotta love those quasi-symbiotic relationships.
      Anyway, hello to everyone, "old" and "new" - I've been hanging silent for a long, long time. Long story not worth getting into. I'm just beginning to "get back into" aquarium-related stuff. My best laid plans went to poo some years back, got derailed, life "happened" if you will. Then most recently, after so long without so much as a goldfish in a bowl, I passed by a veil-tail male Betta at a Wal-mart. I hadn't had a Betta since IndieFX (one charming and rather intelligent nightstand companion) - over a decade ago? I "had" to get  this new guy. He's pretty, not as pretty/flashy as IndieFX was, but nice nonetheless. He had a VERY rough transition though - the cashier dropped his container, shattered the bottom, he was losing water fast, had people racing to get a new container and tank water to transfer him, then a long car ride "home" (60 miles and several stops in between - not my car and I wasn't driving). He's survived the trauma though thus far and seems to be doing okay. I drug out a 2 gallon acrylic tank with undergravel filtration system and LED lit hood that I got on clearance, NIB, 7 years ago for $3.24 and had simply hoarded away all that time, and in the midst of setting it up - managed to fall...lost half the gravel, cracked the hood (clean crack, popped back into place but I still felt incompetent, and stupid, because the cause of the fall was a spasm from a cervical neck injury that has been an issue more and more over these years - part of why I've been less involved with formerly loved hobbies) and got lucky that the acrylic tank wasn't cracked. A few days later, while admiring a favourite source's seed catalogue, I came upon seeds for the Egyptian Blue Lotus....guess what I ordered! (if anyone has grown these from seed, successfully or even unsuccessfully - any tips, tricks, or things NOT to do, would be appreciated) Hoarding clearance stuff pays off, I just so happen to have two bags of the only fired-clay balls for aquatic plants that I found on clearance/close-out (they won't be carrying them again ever because yet another small, but wonderful, business has gone out of business with this economy) that I got a year (or maybe 2?) ago and stashed back. Oh, and those I'll attempt to grow in a 40 gallon black tub that I got on sale about 5 years ago. :) See, I may not have been active in the hobby, but it's always been in the back of my mind. :)
      I usually go in for terrestrial plants, wanted to get into more aquatics, but note aforementioned "life happened" that derailed that plan years ago. But two things have happened: 1) the climate changes have been so extreme that "full sun" terran plants roast in my summer months if in full sun, and not all of them can adapt and 2) my father passed away this past January and almost immediately following my mother a) sold the tractor that we did the tilling with and b) then, without telling me so I had a chance to get it or buy it, she also sold the Troybilt rototiller and c) informed me in no uncertain terms that I "wouldn't be gardening anymore unless it was in containers." Given the heat of summer and container gardening, that meant terran plants would need to be watered mornings and evenings because they lose moisture and burn up so much faster than in-ground plantings. :( Even with those efforts, they may not fare well, some plants simply need a much deeper rooting space than any containers I can afford, so it seems like the perfect time to turn more attention to aquatic plants, yes?
      And speaking of aqautic plants, can anyone recommend a nice "floating" relatively lacy aquatic plant (for an aquarium) that would be well-suited for young fish to hide out in? Something pretty but that won't totally take over? I'm *considering* trying some Betta breeding again maybe down the road. My male is young but I noticed last night (it took me a few minutes to remember they do this) that he had begun his first attempts at "building" a bubble nest/nursery and it got me thinking.
      I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to just jump in as I have on one topic and have it lead to others, but I'm not terribly active online or in email-writing anymore, so it was all-at-once or nothing-at-all.
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