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Re: [UniQuaria] Help Needed on Cleaning tanks

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  • Jimmie R Davis
    Yes. I should have put a comma in there. Regular black tea. We drink iced tea over here, and I take it right out of the tea jar. I also use it to clean the
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 31, 2008
        Yes.  I should have put a comma in there.  Regular black tea.  We drink iced tea over here, and I take it right out of the tea jar.  I also use it to clean the bird droppings off my bird cages.  I raise Parrots.  If you drink tea, take what is left in the tea pot when you are done, and use that.  We are in a damp climate here, and we hadn't used one of our trucks for months.  It had developed streaks of algae down the side.  I hired one of the neighboring teens to wash it.  He was scrubbing that algae and it wasn't coming off.  You should have seen his face when I took a cloth dampened it in tea, and wiped the stuff away.
      At 06:03 PM 10/30/2008, you wrote:

      Cleaner tea?  Is this ordinary tea?  What strength?
      Dora Smith
      Austin, TX
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      White vinegar will not hurt the fish.  Myself I would use my all purpose cleaner tea.  It is totally non toxic, my local fish store uses it to acidify tanks, and it has killed every mold I have used it on.  It also takes the all but the toughest calcium deposits off the glass and doesn't have the odor of the vinegar. 
                                      At 05:05 PM 10/29/2008, you wrote:

      Hello Everyone,
      I need some advice please.
      As my Platys and Sailfin Mollies have been
      rather busy lately having a lot more babies than
      they have given me in the past I have got to get
      at least 1 x 18 inch (across the front) tank ready
      for them, but like the other four in the fish unit it
      hasn't been used for a couple of years or so and
      needs a really good clean.
      I read somewhere that you can use white vinegar
      to clean tanks and if it goes in the water it will not
      hurt any fishes, what I'd like to know is whether
      any of the experts hear know whether this is true
      or not, and also to hear what advice they can give
      me in cleaning the tanks which have like a white
      mould on the inside of them. Please remember
      that I'm a pensioner and although all my fishes
      are looked after properly I'm not made of money.
      In actual fact there will not be any fishes in any of
      the tanks and I wondered whether I could put
      water in them and add the white vinegar and leave
      it in the tank for a few days, then having emptied
      all the water out and put fresh water back in
      together with some of the gravel from the tank they
      are in at the moment.
      I have got all the necessary equipment for the tanks
      and won't of course be adding any fishes until it's
      OK to do so.
      Cheerio for now,

      God Bless you & yours,
      Joy, Elaine, Charlie & all our fishes of Burrington,
      Devon - England

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