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Re: [UniQuaria] Survey

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  • Bridget
    ... Just bought some new fish this morning and getting ready to bid on some others on aquabid. Need to learn how to get the fish ready for shipping long
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 31, 2006
         1.   What your one favorite fish?


      2.   How is UniQuaria doing?

      Don't know yet, new here

        3.   Is there anything we could do different or better?

      no ideas

      4.  Is there anything we should not be doing?

      no ok

      5.   Have you ever recommended UniQuaria to a friend or acquaintance?


      6.   Do you think we need to increase our membership by actively advertising?

      You have a very large membership, that's the main reason I joined almost 2,000 members

      7. I would like to read about people's Dream Fish and Dream Tanks

       I want a 90 gallon hex, salt, reef, with a wooden seat all the way around it to go in the middle of the house as a room divider

      8.Tell us what your next wet project is? new tank or new fish?

      Just bought some new fish this morning and getting ready to bid on some others on aquabid. Need to learn how to get the fish ready for shipping long distances
      9. What is Your favorite fishey web site?
      10.  What is Your biggest fishy mistake?
      cichlids, don't like aggressive fish

      11.  What is Your most interesting fish

      the scissortail goby in the salt tank is pretty fascinating

      12.  What is Your most stunning looking fish / The scissortail goby

        13.   What is The fish you wish you hadn't got and
      Cichlids, not find of aggressive fish
               14.  What is Your nightmare aquascape


      15.  What, I want everyone is, to confess to just how many fish per
      gallon they are keeping in their tanks?

      Depends on which tank and at what time. I have 14 tanks, my 55 fresh water I hang the baby nets over the side and let the females have the fry in it, so it probably has the most fish in it. I keep them in there until I can sex them, then thhey go to 2 20's one for males and one for females. I've probably got roughly 40 fish in each tank and I do a 20% water change everyday in those three tanks. I have 8 tens that are divided in half for my breeding groups also have the 55 salt with 5 small fish in it, the scissortail goby is the biggest one.

      16.How old is your Oldest fish

      I have a Cory that's about 6 yrs old, turning grey in the face, I also have some Khuli loaches that are the same age. Most guppies live about a yr to a yr and a half. Bought the salt for hubby a year ago Christmas
      17.  How long is your biggest (length) fish?

      The albino long finned pleco is about 7"

      18 What is your largest tank?


      19. How much water do you have, number of gallons/Liter you maintain?

      2 55's, 8 10's  2 20's, 2 5 hex's

      20 How many fish do you have?

      to many to count

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,
      Is for good men to do nothing: Edmund Burke
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