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    Erin, I had a pleco for about two years until I traded him in recently. He was beautiful but thrashed all my plants making it impossible to keep a nice planted
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
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      I had a pleco for about two years until I traded him in recently. He was
      beautiful but thrashed all my plants making it impossible to keep a nice
      planted tank. He was in my 72gallon and did well in there. Make sure to
      throw in some sinking pellets or wafers. They really like the algae
      wafers but they are omnivorous so make sure to include pellets or wafers
      that are all inclusive as well. In addition, you can throw in a frozen
      pea or two a couple of times a week and for extra protein a small
      chopped earthworm or even live blood or black worms. I haven't had any
      experiences with the pleco bothering the other fish. They can be
      territorial with each other though. The only problem I had, besides the
      large amount of waste they make, is that he made it impossible to keep
      my tank planted. Enjoy.


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      1. Re: water change
      From: Elin Gardiner-Smith <elin@...>
      2. Re: New and looking for suggestions
      From: "Erin Smith" <ladyneeva@...>
      3. Re: water change
      From: "Giancarlo Podio" <gpodio@...>


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      Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 06:52:11 -0500
      From: Elin Gardiner-Smith <elin@...>
      Subject: Re: water change

      Depends on a lot of things. What do you consider a "small fish" dwarf
      gourami of neon tetra? Do you have scavenger fish? Do you have fish
      that poo a lot like plecos? What is your filtration? Side note: I
      have a 30 gal with an aquaclear power filter and little sponge
      filter, 5 zebra danios, 3 guppies, and one dwarf G, and I change
      about 10 gallons a week and vacuum about half the floor. Do you have
      plants? How much/what kind of substrate?
      On Jan 3, 2006, at 8:54 PM, twin91201 wrote:

      > hi guys
      > my question is how much water should I remove from my 30 gallon tank I
      > have about 17 small fish should i remove 5 or 10 gallons. Should I
      > vacum the entire bottom or just half the bottom.


      Message: 2
      Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 11:27:37 -0700
      From: "Erin Smith" <ladyneeva@...>
      Subject: Re: New and looking for suggestions

      > From: "Patrick" <patrickmn@...>
      > Subject: Re: New and looking for suggestions
      > Don't get another pleco of the same species and Moo should be fine
      > anything, even Oscars. :) The bigger risk is ammonia or nitrite
      > when you move him to the new tank, so it would be best to keep him in
      > current tank until the new tank has been set up and stocked for a
      month or
      > two.

      Heh, yeah I knew about not moving him into the new tank until it's
      stable --
      this isn't my first tank. I just don't know pleco particulars since I
      got them -- I knew they got MUCH bigger than any of the tanks I used to
      (well, I suppose I *could* have kept them in the 55, but that was my
      goldfish tank heh... silly husband bought me some feeder goldfish after
      once commented that I felt sorry for them. He learned quick after we had
      upgrade tanks 4 times because goldfish get BIG...)

      > From: "Nimish Mathur" <nimmat4@...>
      > Subject: RE: New and looking for suggestions
      > As Patrick said, as long as there is no other pleco bigger then him
      > there are no piranhas in with him, they should be able to handle
      > against almost any other fish. even African cichlids.
      > When you move him to the bigger tank, move the filter and all the dirt
      > from the old tank in the new one and don't feed for a few days.

      So basically, I can go with pretty much anything I like and they'll
      him alone and he'll leave them alone? Within the realms of common sense
      anyways... no pirahnas and saltwater fish is obvious <grin>.

      Given his size I was a tad concerned that he'd turn predatory -- most
      will eat anything they can fit in thier mouths, and he's quick enough I
      could easily see him catching most anything I put in there. Never knew
      how FAST they can go... usually just see them sitting on the glass or
      swimming to a new bit of glass to sit on. But this fish can really MOVE
      he wants to, and he's much more attractive than I always thought of
      as being. Maybe it's due to his size and the fact that he's not stressed
      being in a dealer's tank -- all the ones I've ever seen tend to keep all
      thier fins clamped down, but Moo keeps his big sail of a dorsal fin up
      he's traversing his tank. And he likes to torment my kitten -- I have a
      month old kitten who's experiencing an aquarium for the first time, and
      likes to go up and stick his nose against the glass and watch the fish.
      will launch himself across the tank and park himself RIGHT on the
      face, which scares the bejeebers outta him and he falls over backwards.

      I don't *think* it's that Moo feels threatened, because he never runs
      from the kitten and he doesn't always go towards him either, it's just a
      sometimes thing. We'll probably hold off on more fish for a while until
      kitten is less interested... our older cat pretty much ignores the tank,
      he's been around them many times before lol.

      Sorry, I babble heh.

      Erin Smith


      Message: 3
      Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:07:10 -0000
      From: "Giancarlo Podio" <gpodio@...>
      Subject: Re: water change

      If in doubt, you can monitor nitrate levels to see if over time there
      is a gradual buildup or not. If for example by changing 5 gallons a
      week your nitrates remain below 20ppm or so (measured prior to a
      water change) you know you're changing enough. You probably won't
      want to change more than 10 gallons at a time just to avoid any large
      changes in water chemistry. If 10 gallons a week still doesn't keep
      nitrates at a safe level then you are best to increase the frequency
      rather than the quantity changed. By the sounds of things though, 5
      gals a week may suffice but best to double check the nitrates. Your
      LFS can test nitrates for you without having to buy a test kit.

      If you're vacuming each week then your gravel will likely not
      accumulate much organics and should not present a problem. If you
      don't have live plants and using a thin layer of gravel I don't see
      any problem with vacuming weekly. Half a tank each time however is
      more conservative and not a bad idea at all (vacuming weekly gets
      boring :-). In most cases, as long as the tank does not have large
      fish, you have bottom dwellers to eat food that sinks to the bottom
      and you do not overfeed, vacuming is not required on a weekly basis.
      A light hover over the surface of the gravel is often enough to keep
      things clean between more thorough cleanings.

      Hope that helps
      Giancarlo Podio, LMD

      --- In UniQuaria@yahoogroups.com, "twin91201" <barrios1645@s...>
      > hi guys
      > my question is how much water should I remove from my 30 gallon
      tank I
      > have about 17 small fish should i remove 5 or 10 gallons. Should I
      > vacum the entire bottom or just half the bottom.


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