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  • Les Newsom
    firstly thank you all for your advice, in answer to some of your questions (ill try and remember them all) the fish are very small, the tetras have grown to
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 30, 2004
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      firstly thank you all for your advice,

      in answer to some of your questions (ill try and remember them all)

      the fish are very small, the tetras have grown to what i think is
      about full size for them. the catfish are about 2inches long now.

      the pleco was very small no bigger than the catfish, the tigers not
      much longer than the tetras.

      not all the fish are dying, the tetras and catfish have not suffered
      any casualties at all, except for the one tetra that died on the
      first day.

      been doing small water changes every day. i put the water in a
      bucket with the conditioner and leave it for a while before adding

      the pleco i think is a common one (its got a head like a frog)

      didn't know about the tigers and plecos being messy!thanks

      cleaned all the bits in the tank, now leaving it as it is for a bit,
      changing about 10% of the water daily. all the tetras and the
      catfish are far more lively than they were after i introduced the
      new fish.

      how many fish would you introduce at a time?

      thanks again

      --- In UniQuaria@yahoogroups.com, "Nimish Mathur" <nimmat4@y...>
      > Les,
      > Firstly, 12 neon tetras and 5 tiger barbs in that tank is just on
      the limit
      > of stocking level. Moreover, there could have been a sudden change
      of load
      > of fish waste and the bacteria or the filter could not cope with
      it. Keeping
      > in mind that barbs and plecos are all very messy or have a higher
      > rate as compared to neon tetras. You will have to add fish slowly
      > then in just 2 stocks. This will keep things much more stable.
      > Also, common plecos will reach a size much larger then what your
      tank can
      > accommodate. So do check as to which pleco you are getting.
      > www.planetcatfish.com is a good place to check this out.
      > Another thing, do you add water to the tank first and then add the
      > conditioner to it? In a new tank this can cause a disaster as the
      > in the water will almost instantly kill the beneficial bacteria
      and by the
      > time the water conditioner starts to act, it could be too late.
      Either add
      > the conditioner to the water you are adding to the tank or preadd
      > conditioner to the tank before adding the water. these 2 are the
      > methods.
      > It is also possible that the tigers exhausted themselves out due to
      > fighting. Has happened before with me and when stressed in a new
      tank in
      > these circumstances, they could easily fall for any disease.
      > Nim
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      > >
      > >hello all, new to this hobby and finding it a lot more tricky
      than i
      > >expected. I recently got a 110 ltr tank, i set it all up with
      > >real plants etc, heater fliter system etc. waited a couple of
      > >for it all to settle down. first lot of fish where 12 neon tetras
      > >and two peppered corydoras, chose these as book said nice and easy
      > >to keep, which they are! only one tetra didn't make the first
      > >of days and his replacement and all the others are doing fine. the
      > >plants and fish are growning at an impressive rate ( i think
      > >anyway!).
      > >
      > >but!!!! last wednesday went a purchased my next batch of fish,
      > >tiger barbs and a pleco all of them small the pleco only 3inches
      > >long so not a problem with tank size etc. transfered them to the
      > >tank using the same method as the last (driping water into thier
      > >water etc). all seemed well except for the tiger barbs fighting
      > >(which im told is normal)
      > >
      > >they are all dead now! one barb died the next day, seemedn to lose
      > >the use of one its fins and i put this down to damage from
      > >but another then had the same symptoms and died. had one replaced
      > >but over the last few days all four have died. no signs of
      > >or anything described in the books, also the pleco died last
      > >so thats all of the second batch of fish now gone.
      > >
      > >the orignal fish are all fine, infact the tetras seem happy the
      > >tigers have gone.
      > >
      > >I done a partial water change after the first tigers popped off
      > >added some conditioner which was meant to help to protectn the
      > >
      > >anyone got any idea what happened? especially to my pleco i was
      > >getting attached to him
      > >
      > >les
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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