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Re: Promoting Uniquaria

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  • Giancarlo Podio
    ... they re not too late! ... on business card stock you ll need to lose the rounded corners, the Avery business card stock has all right angle corners.
    Message 1 of 61 , May 2, 2003
      --- In UniQuaria@yahoogroups.com, Paul Cezanne <oblique@a...> wrote:
      > I know I'm jumping in late here but I have a few comments, hope
      they're not too late!
      > First off, it looks awesome, great job Giancarlo!
      > Now for the nit-picking....
      > 1) How will these be printed? If you are going to print them out
      on business card stock you'll need to lose the rounded corners, the
      Avery business card stock has all right angle corners.

      Although some may get fancy I doubt anyone will be spending a lot of
      money on printing these cards, normal printouts on standard paper and
      then cut out is sufficient in my opinion to serve the purpose. The
      rounded corners are part of the design, not the cut out guides which
      you can not see in the sample image I have been posting.

      > 2) If you are going offset, you can keep the rounded corner but you
      need to lose the 2 color, make it all one color, the blue or the
      green but not both. You'll increase your printing costs.

      Offset?? You wanna pay for that? :) I might get "fancy" and print a
      couple out in color on card stock but I feel regular black and white
      laser or inkjet is more than sufficient.

      > 3) This is a "full bleed" design, that means you've printed right
      out to the edges. Nothing wrong with that, any traditional printer
      can handle it, but you need to print BEYOND the edges just in case
      the printer is lined up a wee bit off. If you are printing this out
      at home, the only full bleed Avery card stock is the micro-perf stuff
      which has pretty jaggy edges. The perf-less stuff, which is great by
      the way, is not yet available in full bleed.

      This is not a full bleed design.

      > 4) Finally, lose the yahoo groups URL. I'm sorry, it is just too
      awful. Keep the www.uniquaria.com URL and fix the www.uniquaria.com
      website to address Tom's objections: 1) it should quite clearly tell
      people how to join (yeah, it currently seems to, but Tom's email
      suggests otherwise, 2) lose the email link that emails Tom, he
      doesn't need that. Make the link email the Uniquaria list, if they
      are not members, they'll get a bounce from yahoo.

      I think that would be a better solution however the goal of this card
      can be acchieved using either URL. If the website gets updated in the
      future I can always edit the card and change the URL. Right now I
      think the card is ready and it would be a shame if it had to be
      delayed while the website gets updated.

      Giancarlo Podio

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      > pZ -- Paul Cezanne
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      thanks to Billy Bragg.
    • GramFran413@aol.com
      Message 61 of 61 , May 5, 2003
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