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Fw: Frankenfish (More on snakeheads)

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        from David Emery, your Editor and Guide
      Dear Subscriber,
      It has been a busy month, what with the discovery of an alien predatory walking fish in Maryland, an asteroid on a collision course with earth and a UFO chased by F-16s near the U.S. capital. Fortunately, some things never change -- like the plots of Austin Powers movies, for whatever small comfort that may provide. In any case, I give you all of the above and plenty more in this week's edition of the Urban Legends and Vaguely Related Stuff Newsletter. Please enjoy...
      In the Spotlight
      Snakehead Attack? Wok, Don't Run!
      Americans seem to find the idea of a walking fish particularly disturbing; why, I don't know. Maybe it smacks too much of evolution, another item high on our list of Dangerous Things That Must Be Banned.
      - Urban Legends Guide David Emery
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       (Yet Another) Pentagon Attack Hoax
      Oh sure, there were eyewitnesses to the attack, but have you spoken to any of them personally? Had they been drinking? Were they under the influence of CIA mind-control drugs? Take a close look at these unretouched images and the multitude of anomalies become undeniable.
      - Worst of the Web Guide Dave Spohn
      Top Picks - Books for the Security Unconscious from your Antivirus Software Guide
      The Internet turns all of us into one big global neighborhood. In the interests of being a good neighbor - and keeping safe - these books should serve as required reading for anyone contemplating an online experience.
      1) Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World
      Written by Bruce Schneier. By drawing comparisons between the digital and real world, Bruce is able to put security risks in their proper perspective and provide useful guidance on how best to defend ourselves. Schneier covers every aspect of attackers - from their mindset to the vulnerabilities they exploit. A must read for anyone interested in computer security.
      2) CyberShock
      Winn Schwartau provides an excellent layman's guide to "surviving hackers, phreakers, identity thieves, Internet terrorists, and weapons of mass disruption". By providing an excellent overview of the perils we face online, CyberShock plays a valuable role in raising users' security awareness, helping to make the Internet a safer place for all.
      3) Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids
      Written by Winn Schwarau, Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids: (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue) would be a great tool in any classroom. Teaching without preaching, the book provides an overview of common security issues and provides plenty of thought-provoking, conversation-inspiring discussion.
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