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Re: [UniQuaria] Re: Heterandria Formosa and Guppy Talk

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  • Joseph Eisenhart
    Linda, I would hesitate to keep the formosa with any other species, as they will form a multigenerational community, and if you didn t loose adults, you would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
          Linda, I would hesitate to keep the formosa with any other species, as they will form a multigenerational community, and if you didn't loose adults, you would certainly loose fry and juveniles.

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      Subject: [UniQuaria] Re: Heterandria Formosa and Guppy Talk

      Linda here - Okay, Joe - tell me about these little babies. I bought a pair
      at the show auction April 20 and they are doing fine. They are slow, easy
      going fish and I have them in a 2 gal tank, no filter, no heater, nothing,
      just Java moss, and spongia (not sure of spelling)  and two teeny, tiny
      corys for company. Everyone seems fine. However, I do have a pond with three
      small goldfish in it, some waterlilies, iris, etc. Would they be okay in it
      when the water warms up a little and might they breed over the summer?
      WOULD THE GOLDFISH EAT THEM ?  That's my biggest concern. I like these quiet
      litle fellows and I'd hate to lose them to goldfish. I was given the little
      goldfish just to keep the mosquito larvae down although the pond circulates
      all the time.  Would I be better off just to leave my H. Formosa's in their
      little tank all summer and forgo the venture to the pond.
          I think I'll put a few guppies in the pond when it warms up. I have some
      with lovely big tails but their color isn't good. Too much grey in with the
      blue.  Picked up a lovely pure yellow male at PetsMart on Monday. He came in
      with a shipment of orange guppies and nobody wanted him. Bought him so fast
      the salesgirl laughed at me. Been looking for one for months. I think canary
      yellow guppies are gorgeous in with the green plants and the Blue Deltas
      I've managed to breed. I may pair him with a couple of very young yellow fry
      and see what happens. I have a lovely yellow female but she is having half
      yellow, half blue fry because I have her in with the Blue Deltas.
      Interesting looking fish some of them are, with blue bodies and yellow and
      blue tails. Some aren't so nice though.
          Enough fish talk, Got to hit the hay. Joe, what about the H. Formosas?
      Pond or no. Will the goldfish finish them off?

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