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RE: [UniQuaria] Re: Biting the hand that feeds you

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  • Snyman, Johan (J)
    Hi Tilly. ... I ... emails ... I m not sure. I ll see if I still have it somewhere and send it to you directly. ... looking ... It is worth a try! ... we ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2001
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      Hi Tilly.

      > I'd like to see the picture - is it on the website or emails somewhere?
      > use the digest so don't get attachments, can't remember how to pick up
      > so you can!!

      I'm not sure. I'll see if I still have it somewhere and send it to you

      > Don't know if I'd recognise him, but as I seem to have spent months
      >at pictures of Malawis he might look familiar.

      It is worth a try!

      >Most people seem to keep Mbuna in overstocked conditions to keep aggression

      >under control. I've never tried to work out how many inches to the gallon
      >have - and as their are loads of rocks in the tank there is much less water

      >than the tank is supposed to hold. We have two good filters - one
      >one external - to keep the water quality good. I think this is the key as
      >long as the fish have room to swim and hide!

      I was trying to count them last night, and came to the conclusion that there
      are about 40-50 fish in the tank. Most of them is smaller than 4cm but
      larger than 2cm and there are the four big males (around 10cm each). The
      rest are around 6cm. I also have two filters, a smaller internal one and a
      Fluval 403 external. Also I change 30% water every week.
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