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Re: ponds

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  • Tim Fisher
    Hi Ana: A number of companies do aqua-soil which is ideal from ponds. Use it in baskets though topped with at least and inch and a half of gravel to stop
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      Hi Ana:

      A number of companies do "aqua-soil" which is ideal from ponds. Use it in
      baskets though topped with at least and inch and a half of gravel to stop
      the fishes digging it out.

      One point that you should bear in mind though is that frogs and fish don't
      really mix. The reason being that frogs have very bad eyesight and in
      spring time massive sex-drives!! They are unashamed rapists and don't seem
      to be able to distinguish fish from lady frogs (strange but unfortunately
      true). The male frog is equipped with little hook like claws on his
      forelimbs to prevent the female from escaping during mating. These claws
      can cause massive damage to your unsuspecting fish when he attempts to mate
      with them. Most fish die shortly after this experience! If you notice
      frog's spawn in the pond take it out as the little frogs will return to
      their birth place next year to spawn again.

      Also don't be fooled into buying snails. Snails are very prolific and you
      will introduce snail spawn with any plants that you buy so spending money on
      snails is a waste, you will get them anyway.

      Tim Fisher - LMD

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      Hi :)
      well we are goting the pond built and we are planing to put 4 common
      goldfish(my 3 died:( and maybe a frog or somethin, along with snails.
      is there any kind of soil I can get for the pond??? We where planing to
      have a spot with about 6" of dirt or so
      is there any special pond soil we could get???
      Good Luck

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