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Re: [UniQuaria] Baby Ocellatur Report

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  • Carli613@aol.com
    Hi Joanna, boy thses guys sure are growing, and all 18 still accounted for :-) ... I have been giving them Sally s frozen Baby brine, live baby brine, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2000
      Hi Joanna, boy thses guys sure are growing, and all 18 still accounted for :-)

      > So, Carli, what fry food do you
      > babies like? How do you get
      > it to them?

      I have been giving them Sally's frozen Baby brine, live baby brine, and
      Aquarian Fry Food (put out by Mardel). They really like the fry food, and it
      seems to have alot of good stuff and no ethoxyquin.
      > Are your local fish stores going
      > to take your babies? Friends?
      > Are you going to sell with shells
      > or what?

      To be honest I havent really gotten that far. The LFS may take some, the
      problem is around here, there are very few LFS and only one carries more
      difficult to get fish and they often only keep in a pair at a time. This may
      be because of supply though, and if that is the case, I will be in luck. I
      am considering just loading them up in a different tank and taking them to my
      business and setting up a tank there and sell them from the tank and putting
      out flier at LFS or something like that. I just dont want to count my
      chickens before they hatch so to speak, so have been reticent about making
      any massive plans. I hadnt thought about selling with the shells, but thats
      a good idea, I can pick up a six pack of the kind momma spawned in for $1.99
      at Michaels Crafts.

      > I gave some Multi babies to the
      > girlfriend of the LFS guy who
      > sold us lots of fish and tank
      > stuff at good prices. Gave her
      > a shell and found out later one
      > of our Mom fish was in it. But
      > they got a good home.

      Oh, no, did you lose the momma? I will definately be checking shells closely
      before they leave the water. I already almost sucked up one of the males
      while vacuuming, scared me to death when I realized he was in the shell I had
      sucked up!
      Carli LMD
      Tn USA
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