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  • UniQuaria@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 1, 2014

      Unforeseen circumstances have caused UniQuaria to set in place a few guidelines that all our members should be aware of. These guidelines will be updated as needed and posted to the list once per month. This frequent posting may be a nuisance but since new members are continually subscribing, this is a necessity. I have them outlined below.

      1. While UniQuaria maintains a friendly cordial atmosphere on-list, we have no jurisdiction in matters handled off-list.

      2. UniQuaria will continue to monitor and police the postings (made to the list) to ensure they adhere to our Terms of Membership. Any discussion or thread that wanders off-topic will be stopped.

      3. As the Terms of Membership states, no personal attacks or flaming will be tolerated on-list. Moderators may decide to place any involved members on moderated status to assist in �putting out the fire�. It is not our place to pass judgment on anyone and we will do our best to resolve any issues in a friendly manner. Temporary or permanent bans from UniQuaria will follow if the situation cannot be resolved in a mature and civil manner.

      4. There are children here! Please keep them in mind when posting. Try to keep things clean so they can continue to enjoy this group safely.

      5. Past SPAM problems have caused us to place all new members on moderated status. While this may appear a personal gesture, it is far from it and is the only line of defense Yahoo offers to protect against unwanted and unrelated postings. To further combat people who sign up, wait some time, then post SPAM, we (the moderators) will try our best to evaluate each person individually and remove them from moderated status as promptly as we can. If you have been active on the list and feel we have overlooked your status, please let us know, it is not our intention to keep anyone on moderated status longer than necessary.

      6. When replying to a thread, a polite, logical discussion should follow. There is a difference between ridiculing and constructive criticism. When conversing with fellow members, speak to them as you would have them speak to you.

      7. Do not use UniQuaria to carry on a private conversation that has absolutely no bearing on the membership as a whole.

      8. While everyone loves the occasional levity, your entire post should not be based on this. If a post is only a short, one-line, attempt at humor, it most likely should not be sent. If this humor is interjected within an informative response, everyone can appreciate this for what it is and still gain knowledge.

      9. �UniGabbers� is the group for UniQuarians to divulge in off-topic, humor and other �clean� topics that may not be a good fit for UniQuaria. The list address is:

      10. While correct spelling and correct grammar is not a pre-requisite, make every attempt to ensure your posts or replies can be understood. I understand we have many members where English is their second language and belittling them here is not my intention.

      11. Before a post or reply is submitted, make every attempt to cut out all irrelevant information and message trailers. On some of our widely discussed topics, the frequency of replies tends to multiply the attached trailers. Scroll down to the end of these threads to see what I mean. This may not seem like a big deal to our e-mail subscribers but to our digest readers, this is very cumbersome.

      12. In the same respect, when replying to a post, try to include the message you are replying to. This does not mean to have the entire thread attached (which is not a good idea) but due to the quantity of posts UniQuaria generates, it is virtually impossible to remember the content of all prior posts.

      13. Make every attempt to keep Subject lines accurate. As the thread discussion changes, change the Subject line to reflect this change. Digest members will have to manually enter the Subject line they are replying to. I'm sure we have all seen "Re: Digest Number XXXX", a simple modification of the Subject line would make following this thread much easier.

      14. On the topic of Subject lines, please avoid vague descriptions as the subject of your post. EXAMPLE: Instead of using something like, "Quick Question" please use "Quick Question on Filters". This makes finding the topic easier in our archives and allows members to follow a thread more easily on-list.

      15. Comments made within posts are to be considered the posters opinion. If anything is found to be slanderous, defamatory or malicious, UniQuaria, it's team of List Moderators or the general membership cannot be held liable.

      16. Announcements for local aquarium clubs are ok, and links to websites (commercial or not) that are related to posts are ok too, as long as they provide more information or resources pertaining to the subject of the thread.

      17. Please feel free to contact one of the list moderators if you have any questions or concerns you feel we can be of assistance with. The list moderators sign-off on their posts with the letters LMD (ListMoD) and can also be identified in the Members area, just click Moderators in the top of the Members page.

      Please be aware that none of these changes or guidelines have been put in place to effect the quality, friendliness or camaraderie we have all come to enjoy about UniQuaria. These are basically designed to keep all these factors in place. I do not want to see UniQuaria be turned into a "stuffy, run of the mill" forum, quite the contrary. They are being enacted to keep the peace so we can all continue to communicate and exchange information in a family atmosphere.

      Thank you all for understanding.

      Giancarlo Podio
      Senior List Moderator
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