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98416RE: Re: [UniQuaria] Pleco question: Greens for big pleco

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  • libby_jazz1961
    Oct 13, 2013
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      oh cool... so THAT was what I was doing wrong.. lolol I am a big fan of kale and put it in my tank for my plecos.. a couple nibbles but no real enthusiasm...  never thought of freezing it first to soften it up! 

      thank you Frank :)


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      On 10/11/2013 9:03 PM, patsangels2@... wrote:
      Hi,   I sometimes give my big pleco a little zucchini.  I was wondering is there are any other greens that I could grow in my garden that it would like to eat.  Kale perhaps?  Anything else?
      Kale is a good food to use, as is Italian parsley. Freeze the greens before use to make them more palatable. don't heat them, as heating destroys some of the nutritional value.

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