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  • Nancy Wells
    Sep 1, 2005

      Now I have free-floating BGA too.  It looks like short fine hairs throughout the water column.  I added a “Poly Filter” to my filter compartment yesterday to see if it helps.  It’s supposed to remove phosphates among other things.  Once the phosphate is gone, I’ll take it out because I’m concerned that it might remove the good stuff too.  None of the filter material is removing the little “hairs”.  It seems like a hopeless battle.



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      I'm having a problem with BGA myself.  In an effort to combat it I
      doubled my lighting, upped my dosage of both Flourish Excel and Iron,
      added Flourish root tabs, and have decreased my feedings.  Yesterday
      I came home to find the BGA on my substrate pearling.  I have been
      doing my best to manually remove as much of it as I can, but with a
      sand substrate that task is proving quite difficult.  I use an old
      toothbrush for manually removing it.  It's also made itself at home
      in my java moss.  I was hoping the increase in lighting and
      fertilizers would help the plants out compete the BGA and perhaps as
      a result I'd even see my plants pearling.  I was quite disappointed
      yesterday when the plants weren't pearling and the BGA was.

      Jess in CT

      --- In UniQuaria@yahoogroups.com, "Nancy Wells" <nancew@r...> wrote:
      it's on the leaves of my Ludwigia, Wisteria, Amazon
      > Sword and Java Fern.  It's easy to remove from the Java Fern and
      > Sword but I'd go crazy trying to get it all off of the smaller
      > leafed plants.  I've been taking off what I can but, so far, I
      > can't keep up with it.  There's hardly any on the substrate.  I
      > don't think my blue-green knows that it's supposed to like low
      > oxygen areas in the tank because it's thriving right under the
      > filter flow. 

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