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Re: Recent DSLR images with e-180ED and Canon 5D MKII

If you are interested in this idea, suggest you look into Nikon D800 and work of Wang: Scorpius (Wei-Hao Wang) | AstroBin http://www.astrobin.com/176733/C/
8:02 PM

Re: Takahashi Epsilon Series Questions

Hi, saw this while doing a search and thought I would respond. Video is quite cool. I bought a 180ED at 1/2 price.. not collimated... took me 6 months to get
7:54 PM

Re: Mounting a Tak FS102

A Tak ring can be mounted onto a D plate under which is attached a V plate- I've done it. Just go to ADM or Losmandy plates and see what I am referring to. I
6:45 PM

Mounting a Tak FS102

I have a recently acquired FS102 I need to put on a Celestron AVX mount. That mount accepts a Vixen type dovetail plate. I don't believe I can use the Tak tube
6:34 PM

Re: FSQ130

Thanks Art. Greg.
2:55 PM

Re: TOA-67 Flattener Spacing

There is a sheet that describes different cameras and different field flattener's for the TOA 150 and it gives the exact Takahashi spacers needed. I am not in
Robert Chozick
Oct 8

Re: TOA-67 Flattener Spacing

Ok, thank you for your help :) I'm pretty sure the CCA has no play, it is very stiff. I will check the measurement tomorrow and report back. I know a local
Oct 8

Re: TOA-67 Flattener Spacing

Also, check the CAA if has some degree of play that causes the curvature on the field. It can be removed like this:
Iñaki Lizaso
Oct 8

Re: TOA-67 Flattener Spacing

Hi Erik, The Metal Back Distance (MBD) for the TOA/67FL is 106.2mm. Taking your ccd's optical distances for make the calculations for get the 106.2mm.
Iñaki Lizaso
Oct 8

TOA-67 Flattener Spacing

Hi guys, this is my first post to the group, I hope I can find answers, and also contribute to other users. I have a TOA-150, and the large 67 flattener. I am
Oct 7

Re: FSQ130

Tentatively late Fall. The focuser is a 5” extra duty focuser, larger than the FSQ-106 version. Art From: UncensoredTakGroup@yahoogroups.com
Art Ciampi
Oct 7

Supermoon eclipse

Hi all, More about from the past Lunar eclipse... All images taken through the Takahashi FCT-100, Powermate 2x and Nikon D3s and processed by PixInsight.
Iñaki Lizaso
Oct 7


What's the latest on when these are expected to ship? Tak must have had some problems they wanted to fix as this scope was originally shipping in July I
Oct 6

Re: preventing EM-200 from freezing

Hi Aaron, My EM-200 is working great down to ~ -10C (14F). Bellow this point it is too cold for me to do astro-photography, so don't have observations :D Clear
Oct 5

Re: Which paint colour on Takahashi Mounts?

Kai, Woody is right ... if the mount has been out in the sun at all, the color is not official Tak green. But all you need to do is take a piece off it (that
Robert Nielsen
Oct 4
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