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Disassemble FSQ106

Dear, I have a problem with my FSQ106. I used it for about two year without any problem. Unfortunately at some time I started to detect diffraction spikes in
5:53 AM

Re: Anyone taken an image with their FSQ130 yet?

Hello Terry, checking back to see how your setup is progressing. Best regards, Jim Miller From: UncensoredTakGroup@yahoogroups.com
Jim Miller
May 23

Re: Spacing for TOA130 reducer

I have uploaded a copy of the image referred to above into the files section: Rodneyw02 files -> RW set up May 2017 annotated. Thanks. RW
May 22

New file uploaded to UncensoredTakGroup

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the UncensoredTakGroup group. File :
May 22

Spacing for TOA130 reducer

A question regarding the correct point to measure the spacing between the TOA130 reducer and the CCD camera image plane. My configuration is a Tak TSA120 ->
Rodney Watters
May 22

Re: Also on EM-400 [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP mount

Hi, Using the Temma ASCOM driver while watching a sunspot just now I noticed about 1, maybe 1.5 seconds of backlash when using guide rate slewing. I have to
Sander Pool
May 21

Re: Also on EM-400 [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP moun

Hi Sander, my EM-200 also has this problem. I've meshed the spur gear as close as possible and there is no play in the worm, but I still have a lot of Dec.
May 21

Re: Also on EM-400 [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP moun

Hi, I had trouble getting my EM-400 to guide at 2800mm (HD1100 with OAG) and ran the guiding assistant in PHD2. Backlash was so bad that when the Dec axis
May 21

Re: Mewlon Reducer

There is no difference. It is the same part with two different stock numbers. Art Ciampi *Takahashi Manager* *Takahashi America* (713)529-3551 ext 102
Art Ciampi
May 9

Re: [SPAM:27%] [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP mount

... If you are seeing backlash in the worm (which you can often feel by hand) then that should be tuned out. But the backlash in the spur reduction gears is
Gene Horr
May 8

Re: DEC backlash on my NJP mount

... In normal situations the only movement you should see in declination is a slight drift in one direction from any polar misalignment. If you are reversing
Gene Horr
May 8

Re: [SPAM:27%] [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP mount

Hi I just went outside and checked and can confirm that their is no play in either axis. For your information, I sent a graph I took to the Open PHD guiding
May 8

Re: [SPAM:27%] [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP mount

these sorts of "bias in DEC" tricks are what one does with non-premium mounts. it should not be necessary on a Tak. is there ANY play when the clutches are
May 8

Re: DEC backlash on my NJP mount

Hello Gene, I am not so sure about that……If the deviations are related to seeing we would expect them to be similar in size in Declination AND RA. If the
Marco van der Kooij
May 8

Re: [SPAM:27%] [UncensoredTakGroup] DEC backlash on my NJP mount

No I'm not but the DEC axis seems to be going back and forth quite a bit. I've set PHD to guide at 2 second intervals and the R.A. axis is fairly steady. I've
May 8
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