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Re: Fsq 106ed focuser sag

The best way to improve the situation is call Fred at TNR if you can. http://www.takahashiamerica.com/ Tom On 5/19/2015 3:15 AM, Ray Leeson
May 19

Re: Fsq 106ed focuser sag

I have the same issue with my FSQ85ED, and I can't specific information for my model Nicola 2015-05-19 12:15 GMT+02:00 Ray Leeson rayleeson@... ... --
NIcola Montecchiari
May 19

Fsq 106ed focuser sag

Hi group, having bought my fsq 106 ed (captains wheel) approaching 12 months ago, I find myself a little dissatisfied with the focuser sag that is clearly a
Ray Leeson
May 19

Re: EM10 - backlash adjustment?

If you can call us with the mount in front of you we can explain the adjustment. Art
May 18


I need I direct Email contact please Cumprimentos / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards Paulo Miguel Pina MacSOS, Lda Apple Consultant Tech ID PRT2G710
Paulo Pina
May 16

EM10 - backlash adjustment?

Hi everyone, I'm staying in Namibia for holidays and I have massive problems with backlash, obviously in both axes. Is there a simple way to minimize the
May 15

Re: TCA-4 EP Projection and FSQ106ED

Catching up on emails and I never saw an answer to this one. No, not on the FSQ but I have on ‘scopes with a similar FL. That was a long time ago so keep in
Gene Horr
May 14

Re: Tax106ED & Back Focus Distance

Will you be using the Takahashi CAA in your imaging train ?
May 13

FSQ 106 ED with Solarmax 40mm Ha filter

Today I got an adapter which takes a Solarmax 40mm Ha filter and fits on the FSQ 106 for solar imaging. I attached an ASI 120 mm. camera which I use for solar
May 12

Re: EM200 Temma 2

Thank you very much Kirill! Best regards Miroslav Sent from my iPhone ... Thank you very much Kirill! Best regards Miroslav Sent from my iPhone On 11 May 2015,
Miroslav Kalinaj
May 11

Re: EM200 Temma 2

Thanks guys for the info. I’ll be doing this hopefully tonight. I had some concerns after reading the instructions but this sounds much clearer. Steve From:
Steven Reilly
May 11

Re: EM200 Temma 2

I was in error using the term "sidereal time", thank you for the correction. My instructions stand (minus that phrase) however. Getting the 0 or 12 Hour
May 11

Re: EM200 Temma 2

Hi Miroslav, One is K-ASTEC, their overhaul service info is here: http://homepage2.nifty.com/astec/menu_oh.htm. The other one is TOMITA:
Kirill Skorobogatov
May 11

Re: EM200 Temma 2

Hello Kirill, Could you please share with us contact info of these two companies you mentioned certified by Tak? Thank you in advance. Regards, Miroslav
Miroslav Kalinaj
May 11

Re: EM200 Temma 2

John, Unsure why you speak of Siderial Time. You do the longitude offset from the mid long of your *standard time zone* to your actual long.....using plus or
Brendan Kinch
May 11
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