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County asks Tracy to oppose Delta plan

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  • baypointmike
    County asks Tracy to oppose Delta plan By Mike Martinez Tri-Valley Herald Article Launched: 08/30/2008 04:44:06 PM PDT TRACY — The San Joaquin County Board
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      County asks Tracy to oppose Delta plan

      By Mike Martinez
      Tri-Valley Herald
      Article Launched: 08/30/2008 04:44:06 PM PDT

      TRACY — The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors has asked the city of Tracy to pass a resolution opposing the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendations for the Delta.

      In a letter to Tracy Mayor Brent Ives, the board expressed "numerous and substantial" concerns about the conclusions reached by the task force this year, but mainly focused on three: that the recommendations promote an "isolated or dual conveyance system" or peripheral canal; ignore 100-year-old water rights; and fail to adhere to the state's water plan.

      The City Council is expected to discuss the matter at its regular meeting, at 7 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall.

      "Although an isolated or dual conveyance system in the Delta could potentially provide a higher quality water supply via the Delta Mendota Canal to the City of Tracy, the numerous other concerns outweigh this benefit," city staff members wrote.

      According to a staff report, the cities of Lathrop, Ripon, Lodi and Manteca have passed similar resolutions supporting the board.

      The Delta is the source of water to irrigate thousands of acres of cropland. The tangle of rivers, canals, estuaries and islands that stretches from the foot of the northern and central Sierra to the Bay also supplies drinking water for two-thirds of the state.

      Yet it is a highly troubled ecosystem, plagued by decreasing fish populations, pollution from farms and invasive plant and animal species. Its problems have prompted lawsuits that in turn have led to court decisions regarding when and how the state can use water from the Delta.

      Water users in Southern California say piping fresh water around the Delta would safeguard their water supply while leaving the Delta undisturbed for fish and other species. Northern Californians, who led the previous revolt against such a canal, fear such a system would divert too much water south. Those who farm in the Delta worry their water supply would grow saltier if too much fresh water is diverted.

      At the same meeting, the council is expected to receive details of an environmental impact report of a proposed sports complex on city-owned property near Holly Sugar.

      The report found no major concerns related to the development of the site and a proposed timeline suggests infrastructure could be completed by late 2011.

      Some on the council have expressed interest in allowing youth sports leagues in the city to develop and maintain the fields once sewer and water services have been extended to the 150-acre site.

      The Associated Press contributed to this report. Reach Mike Martinez at 209-832-3947 or mike.martinez@....

      --------------------------BayPointMike wrote:

      This is the first formal objection to the dreadful Peripheral Canal that may be approved by voters because it has a new name: "Through-Delta Water Conveyance", see how easily we voters can be fooled into voting in support of poisoning the water we drink and ruining the air we breathe?

      This next election may teach voters and politicians who is as dumb as they, or we, think.

      Socrates was made to drink poison, in this case we will vote to pay for our poison, and that ain't no figure of speech.

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