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Watch The Most Terryfying Video You Will Ever See.

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  • baypointmike
    All this came from Al Gore s new site: http://current.com/ Go there, you ll find it full of great topics and mostly good comments.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2007
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      All this came from Al Gore's new site: http://current.com/
      Go there, you'll find it full of great topics and mostly good comments.
      (Presently) Click on the line below to watch the most terrifying video:
      Most terrifying video you'll ever see
      This was my posted comment
      Fantastic! I will forward the link to others but, it is up to them to decide what they do; I want to do my part.
       His argument is Convincing to me and flawless!
      I had written a simpler version and I hope someone will recast it in their words and put it in a video.
      If you take a risk with your money and buy a lottery ticket that is your choice with your money.
      If you do nothing about Global Warming, it is your own children and all other children that will bake in an oven not too different than those in Auschwitz.
      Are you OK with that!
      Do you believe you have the right to take the risk and put all children, humanity, to bake in an oven?
      Remember, Venus is just a little closer to the sun and its atmosphere is mostly Carbon Dioxide, it reached the temperature at which it sends out, it radiates out as much energy as it receives from the sun by radiation. The temparature that it takes to reach that high level of energy radiation out is 846 Degrees Fahrenheit. Higher than most ovens in most homes.
      Are you willing to protect your money at the risk your own children,  that you are saving the money for,
      will bake at 800 deg F?
      Does that make any sense to you? Or, is it Crazy?
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