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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Tipping Points ARE Coming, Like It Or Not

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  • baypointmike
    [http://www.algore.com/] Dear Michael, As you know, the Earth is moving closer to several negative tipping points that could --
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      Dear Michael,

      As you know, the Earth is moving closer to several negative "tipping points" that could -- within as little as 10 years -- make it virtually impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet's habitability for human civilization. That is one of the reasons why it is urgent we take action as soon as possible.

      My friend Leonardo DiCaprio has just produced an amazing documentary on this subject. The film was created using over 150 hours of interviews with some of the brightest minds on the planet, including physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Moreover, Leo himself is very eloquent and persuasive in this movie. I recommend it highly.

      Through interviews and beautiful footage of the environment, The 11th Hour demonstrates how human beings have created the climate crisis and related environmental crises, and shows that we have the means to solve them.

      The 11th Hour is both a portrait of a planet and a source of hope and solutions.

      I hope that you will go to see this important film. You can find out if The 11th Hour is playing near you by visiting:


      Thank you,

      Al Gore

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      ---------------BayPointMike Wrote:

      The "11th Hour" movie should be open in Shattuck Theater (half block North of Downtown Berkeley BART Station) and may still be showing at San Francisco Embarcader Center One. Excellent movie with the best experts and terrific panoramic scenes.

      Example Tipping Points: The more wildfires there are, the more dry dead wood left for the next one, the more the oceans warm up, the more Carbon Dioxide that comes out of solution (this year, the oceans were found to be at their saturation point, i.e., they have all the CO2 they can store).

      Later, the Ocean Methane Tipping Point.

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