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The Difference Between Pres. Obama and Mitt

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  • MikeSar
    Five Key Differences Between Pres. Obama and Mitt: 1. Crazy Implications! For example: They promote the life choice between a mother or a baby as being simple.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2012

       Five Key Differences Between Pres. Obama and Mitt: 

      1. Crazy Implications! For example: They promote the life choice between a mother or a baby as being simple. Do religions condemn ALL abortions, even if the mother's life is believed to be at risk?

      None demands the mother prove if her life is at risk.

      No religious leader makes the choice. Christians believe in forgiveness, even in sad cases that's why experts decide -not me or you, right?


       But, the most revealing implication is the choice of Vice-President Candidate: Paul Ryan and his addiction with Ayn Rand's ideas, including the absolute power of a mother on abortion; he is said to consider her a "Philosopher"(?), which shows his incomplete education, he is unaware of the difference between APoint of View or Philosophy with definitions of Man, Truth, God, Life and its purpose.

      Would Paul Ryan consider Marx's Communist Manifesto, Hitler's Main Kampf or 1882 Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's "Enemy of the People" to be Philosophies? They do not define man, God, life, existence, etc., but their acts reflect their principles. Few think Norman Mailer, Philip Roth, Shakespeare, Socrates, etc., wrote a Philosophy.

      2. Trust! Remember the Nicaragua Contra fiasco? Pres. Reagan sold powerful weapons to Iran to pay for Nicaragua's secret war "Planting wind, reaping storms?Remember Cuba's Bay of Pigs secret invasion?


       This finding shows the need to have JUSTIFIABLE TRUST:

      On the invasion of Iraq: A study (San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Jan 2008, pg A17: AHundreds of lies led to war, study says@ Douglass K. Daniel AP, with NYTimes contributions) found 935 false statements by Republican Pres. Bush and top officials in 2 years (Ref. Center for Public Integrity

      An orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses) a Awar never Congressionally authorized and (un)paid "Off-Budget" over a Trillion, borrowed, did not get one Republican objection!! Our International Court of Justice Veto Power kept us safe from legal, not moral issues.   


       Who do you trust? Mitt, who shipped jobs overseas and undermined our economy (an AEnemy of the People@?) or

      Pres. Obama who directed and made public our secret attack on the leader of the WTC 9/11 attack? Must we take a chance with one that offends nations and try his secret plans for prosperity for him and his secret buddies, foreign and domestic?

      Can he, or anyone, BUY the election in a Democratic nation with funds from secret supporters, foreign and domestic? The investments by him and his supporters may prove we are, indeed, a true and real oligarchy!

      3. Mitt has never said what we should do to fix our economy, why? Has a secret plan? [Remember the Hi-tech lady that almost became California's Governor? She is in deep trouble, her future dim.

      Would Mitt move to a foreign mansion if he losses the election?

      He claims to know how to save our nation but refuses to say how.

      Why does he fail to help our national need? Not enough money offered?Would he help only if elected? Is that what a Commander-in-Chief expects of every loyal soldier, daily, in any frontline? The idea national service and sacrifice are given only if the money is enough, is repugnant.


       He, and his family and fellow religious, never wore the uniform of our country, never risked death to protect others. The Army training on how to service, even be willing to die, is "key part of growing up in America ".


      4. Financial Issues : if Mitt is elected, which nation, he did not offend, will lend us a Trillion a year? What if nations, like China , lend us Trillions with Asecret@ conditions? Do you trust him? He lies so much in this campaign, it may be a record.


      5. Related Issues: A. Did Natives from Argentina to Alaska (about 20 million by 17th Century), come from Israel ? DNA disproves that by our anatomy, not pigmentation, we are 85% Oriental. Proved by an specific DNA marker (illness?) found in body frozen for 10,000+ years; a DNA marker found only in East Siberia and the American Continent. Our ancestors are a mixture of Chinese, Norman, English, Visigoth, Frank, Goth, Arabic, Persian, Jewish, etc. Europeans were less than about 2 million, or about 10-15% of all by 17th Century.


      B. What do believers think of the key similarities in how John Smith and Mohammed wrote their Holy Book?

       Warning: Believers may take offense -don't ask, read a book.


      C. The horse is not native to our Continent, wild horses appeared after Cortez, maybe a rider was killed or fell, or the horse escaped or was abandoned and "went wild".


      An Enemy of the people (En folkefiende) is an 1882 play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote it in response to the public outcry against his play Ghosts, which at that time was considered scandalous. Ghosts had challenged the hypocrisy of Victorian morality and was deemed indecent for its veiled references to syphilis.

      An Enemy of the People addresses the irrational tendencies of the masses, and the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that they support. It is the story of one brave man's struggle to do the right thing and speak the truth in the face of extreme social intolerance.

       The protagonist, Dr Stockmann, represents the playwright's own voice. Upon completion of the play, Ibsen wrote to his publisher in Copenhagen :

      "I am still uncertain as to whether I should call it a comedy or a straight drama. It may [have] many traits of comedy, but it also is based on a serious idea." from Wikipedia. 

      ---------------BayPointMike wrote:

      The insight on Dr. Stockmann shows a clear logical mind and unusually high personal principles, too bad politicians are not all like him.

      But, we can chose that are like him, like our Pres. Obama.

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