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Compare Police Action in New York City and Selma, Alabama

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  • MikeSar
    http://front.moveon.org/keith-olbermann-takes-on-the-12th-richest-man-in -the-world/
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20 4:33 PM
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      Copy and paste pointer above to watch Olbermann describe in TV the future of Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, who may be the First casualty, career-unwise of the 99ers!!
      A Lesson on History with details I did not know but maybe few know. 

      He compared the event to those in Selma, Alabama long ago, when police and dogs attacked marchers crossing a bridge. 
      And, compared the Occupy effect on the city with the effect of filming the movie "Batman" on the entire city.

      I was in Selma two months later
      attending a USAF course nearby. 
      I remember the walk in Selma and talking with some residents. 
      No police in sight, anywhere and no problems at all.

      Michael on Pacheco
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