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The World Changes While We Reject Change

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  • MikeSar
    The World Changes While We Reject Change There is no solution in sight. NOBODY has proposed a credible solution . We seem to have adopted the banker
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 20 4:35 PM
      The World Changes While We Reject Change

      There is no solution in sight. NOBODY has proposed a credible "solution". We seem to have adopted the "banker" mentality and, why not? 
      1. Bankers get the most Federal bailout money.
      2. Bankers make and get to keep their profits.
      3. Bankers contribute to the political candidates that are favorable to them and, get this, 
      4. Bankers have the full approval of the US Supreme Court to continue doing what got the USA into this mess. 
      5. Bankers got a Trillion in Bailout and they gave bonuses to those that ran up a 64 Trillion Dollar bet. "Too big to fail" remains a future possibility, since there is no law against a bank becoming to big to fail.

      Here is the incredible part: They are REAL US Citizens and they do not care we may be in the same track of some, rapidly sinking, European nations. 
      In our case, China is only willing to continue lending us money, like dealers that lend money to an addict, knowing full well we cannot afford to pay it back with interest, why? 
      What nefarious plan China has for us? 
      How come nobody seems to care?
      But, we are not innocent victims of our own excesses. 
      We STARTED TWO wars "off budget" without a clear objective, never justified and based on lies... and nobody went to jail for what they did. 
      Not only that, none of the current Republican candidates for President has ever admitted we did anything wrong. 
      If any of them is elected he, or she, will have the blessing of the voters to do the same again using the same dumb, feeble, excuses that got us into this mess. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland have much to do before voters have a notion on the right path to follow in the future. 

      But, what is the Banker Mentality? Wait, wait, wait and wait, and "everything will soon be right", 
      no need to change anything, just "tough it out!"
      They have no clue on how far behind we are to the rest of the world in production assembly lines and transportation efficiency. No clue on what to do about it. 
      They just want to imitate the efforts of the most profitable US companies and ship jobs to foreign companies or build factories overseas using the Low Income Workers in those countries. 
      How about our domestic Low Income Workers? Since this has been going one for more than a few years, the answer is obvious.
        Insanity is a behavior pattern that requires nothing changes while change is expected. We have been doing this for too long! Even now, we continue in the same unchanged approach and think that more of the same will yield the changes needed and essential to our survival as the strongest nation in the world. 
      Could it be that our supremacy is about to end due to our inability to adapt and adjust to new realities? Some have written the Dinosaur off by its failure to adapt. Is this our secret wish? 
      To give up our position of First Nation in the World and let others handle our costly legal and moral obligations? Too tired, maybe?
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