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1342Re: Repeat The 1936 Error?

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  • MikeSar
    Jul 2, 2012
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      Of course, many of the Boeing 737MAX planes will be delivered AFTER 2017.

      --- In UnboundedEducation@yahoogroups.com, "MikeSar" <baypointmike@...> wrote:
      > Back to 1936?
      > In 1936, Pres. Roosevelt cut WPA work projects and jobs shrank until
      > WWII. Europe will NOW bailout nations in need. A US candidate proposes
      > to cut help cut deficits? A repeat of 1936? Some people are too slow to
      > learn history, US foods, etc.
      > I. Congress blocks new government investments for new
      > jobs and our Recession continues.
      > II. Daily we import $1.6 Billion MORE than we sell –
      > up from a Billion-a-day a few months ago.
      > III. We want "Good Jobs" but high salary work
      > builds products few buy. We cannot compete with computer-controlled
      > assembly line robots. Japan runs 10 year-old factory without workers to
      > build assembly line robots worldwide.
      > IV. Tesla uses multi-tasking robots to build cars in
      > Fremont. Canadian planes, fast trains and rail cars sell worldwide with
      > components made in Mexican assembly lines. Canada modified German auto
      > assembly line to build US jet engines.
      > V. Newest technology microchips built in $1 Billion
      > factory build by US company, in Vietnam. Workers trained by teachers
      > trained by company; construction took longer than training.
      > VI. Only US and Canada build composite airplanes with
      > robots. One plane, Boeing 737MAX, has 10,000 orders in THREE (3)
      > production lines! Some will be delivered after 2017. Unprecedented! USA
      > leads in this technology and Apple technology dominates iphones and
      > iTablets. We have the edge, if we could apply job training for ALL High
      > School Grads and the Unemployed prosperity will return.
      > Options:
      > A. Return to 1936 policy and expect Great Depression II.
      > B. Re-elect President Obama, Congressman Miller and all other Officials
      > of the Democratic Party. They are our last chance!
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