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1341Repeat The 1936 Error?

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  • MikeSar
    Jul 2, 2012
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      Back to 1936?                                              

      In 1936, Pres. Roosevelt cut WPA work projects and jobs shrank until WWII. Europe will NOW bailout nations in need. A US candidate proposes to cut help cut deficits? A repeat of 1936?  Some people are too slow to learn history, US foods, etc.

      I.                 Congress blocks new government investments for new jobs and our Recession continues.

      II.                 Daily we import $1.6 Billion MORE than we sell – up from a Billion-a-day a few months ago.

      III.              We want "Good Jobs" but high salary work builds products few buy. We cannot compete with computer-controlled assembly line robots. Japan runs 10 year-old factory without workers to build assembly line robots worldwide.

      IV.             Tesla uses multi-tasking robots to build cars in Fremont. Canadian planes, fast trains and rail cars sell worldwide with components made in Mexican assembly lines. Canada modified German auto assembly line to build US jet engines.

      V.                Newest technology microchips built in $1 Billion factory build by US company, in Vietnam. Workers trained by teachers trained by company; construction took longer than training.

      VI.             Only US and Canada build composite airplanes with robots. One plane, Boeing 737MAX, has 10,000 orders in THREE (3) production lines! Some will be delivered after 1917. Unprecedented! USA leads in this technology and Apple technology dominates iphones and iTablets. We have the edge, if we could apply job training for ALL High School Grads and the Unemployed prosperity will return.


      A. Return to 1936 policy and expect Great Depression II.

      B. Re-elect President Obama, Congressman Miller and all other Officials of the Democratic Party. They are our last chance! 

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