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1340Is Global Warming Coming, By 2020?

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  • MikeSar
    Apr 16, 2012

      On Global Warming

      Historical Climate Trends

       In 2011  there were 12 weather disasters, each cost from $1 to $10.2 Billion. The one on the Texas-New Mexico border was $10 Bill., Oklahoma's $1.2 Bill., Alabama's $9.8 Bill. Tornadoes on Apr 25-26, $10.2 Bill. in Alabama; Drought, heat wave and forest fires in New Mexico and Texas, $10 Bill.; Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri, $9.1 Billions.  Ref.: Time Magazine.9 Jan 2012, Pg 32.

      Drought Condition Spread Over USA

      Also, the data shows that the USA is headed into "dry" weather. USA Today news of April 13, 2012: Only Alaska and Ohio show no signs of "abnormally dry" or drought conditions....

      The drought is expanding into areas where this is rare -New England...

      Wildfires and brush fires have been common along the East Coast from New England to Florida because of the wind and dryness...

      Much of western Texas remains in extreme to exceptionally drought. 

      In California, the water content of the mountain snowpack, that provides water in the summer, is 45% below normal.

      "Rare lightning storm sets off scattered fires Firefighters keep property losses low as 700 wind-whipped blazes sweep across Northern California. June 24, 2008|Eric Bailey | Times Staff

      SACRAMENTO — Northern California continued to suffer the fallout of what's turning into a historically bad fire season as a weekend lightning barrage set off more than 700 blazes that by Monday had burned nearly 44,000 acres. A record lack of rainfall, severely dry vegetation and uncharacteristically windy weather have combined to create tinderbox conditions across the northern part of the state.

      But, that is not the worst in California. On 24 June, 2008, Contra Cost Times:

        The spark arrived Saturday as an unusual weather pattern sent dry lightning flashing to the ground -- again and again and again. More than 8,000 lightning strikes touched earth, according to the National Weather Service. Fire crews, already weary from battling recent blazes that charred more than 80 homes near Chico and claimed dozens more in the Santa Cruz Mountains, were sent scurrying all over Northern California in an attempt to prevent property loss.

      By most accounts, the effort was a success. Although 10 coastal homes were lost to flames this weekend north of Watsonville, property loss was relatively low amid fires that burned tens of thousands of acres of grassland, brush and forest.

      Early preparation has been the key, said Daniel Berlant, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. More crews are on hand this year because of the dry conditions, he said. And with forecasters predicting the possibility of lightning strikes, fire chiefs had shifted more forces from Southern California. "There's been some good work done the last couple of days," Berlant said.

      But no one was declaring victory.  "We don't have a lid on it yet," said David Shew, a battalion chief with the forestry department. "We've got a lot of forces deployed out there, and some of these fires are going to continue growing."


       Even when the latest fires are extinguished, the conditions will remain ripe for more of the same, warned John Juskie, a National Weather Service science officer. "In historic terms, we're at record dry levels," Juskie said. This spring, just 0.17 of an inch of rain fell in Sacramento, breaking the record of 0.55 on an inch set in 1934, he said.

      The lack of precipitation has left outback and urban vegetation ready to burn. In most areas of the north, the grasses and brush are as dry now as they normally would be in October. Moisture content is less than 5%, compared with about 20% normally for this time of year, fire officials say. In addition, "no one has seen a springtime like this with the winds," Juskie said. Breezes, which can fan a small fire into an inferno, have been whipping for days at a time, with velocities reaching 20 mph or more.

      They've been caused by a clash between high-pressure storm systems moving through the Pacific Northwest and low pressure hovering over the Southwest. Northern California sits between the two pinwheeling systems, which have caused persistent winds. The good news, Juskie said, is that the winds should die down with summer's onset. The bad news is that "we're still hot and dry," he said. "So we're not out of the woods. Even without the wind, we're bone dry.""

      CO2 Forever?                                                                    

      When some want to ignore something they know, they are in denial v,g,, many want to believe the CO2 will come out of the air "in, say, 100 years?", someone said at a meeting with "Washington high officials". The CO2 in the air will NEVER come out. Neither will the Methane, CH4, which is 20 times worse, gram per gram, than CO2. And, few know that  there are unmeasured Millions of tons of FROZEN Methane in the oceans -and the Gulf of Mexico


      Remember the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? At one point the oil company was sure that a 100-ton tower could be lowered to cap the gushing oil. But, the tower was filled with "ICE", they said, in fact. they later admitted, it was frozen Methane. It was well known the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans have, what they call "Gillions of tons" of frozen Methane, now we know it is also in the Gulf. Maybe we will learn that other deep ocean waters have Methane sites, or not?

      BIG DANGER: When the oceans become "warm enough" to melt the Methane, we will be beyond the option to allow the planet to survive. [Maybe the Methane is being release right now, it may be very difficult to measure.]

       A few million years ago there was a much higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere but but Cosmic Rays from a Super Nova did destroyed all CO2 together with destruction of ALL LIFE and we got Radiocarbon-14 for dating fossils based on the Carbon in their last meals. Many studies, on Evolution, Paleontology and Biblical research make use of the Providential Radiocarbon Dating.

      Providential? The Super Nova had to be sufficiently close to the Earth for its Cosmic Rays to be effective to totally eliminate all living creatures. That is,

      that was the END of all life in all its forms. How did life start AGAIN about three million years ago? Ask your religion expert, there is no experimental explanation.

        The current weather effects that have been measured are based on a Global Warming of only one Degree Celsius, or Centigrade, (1.8 Deg. F.) Ref. "Cold Warrior", Time, 12 March 2012. Some have said that four Degrees would end life in our planet.

      Are The GW Signs Accelerating??

      In the first three months in 2011, the USA had 50 tornadoes, In the first three months in 2012 there were over 300 tornadoes. a 600 % increase. How many tornadoes per year will prove Global Warming is real?

      The Vatican will soon be the first Carbon-neutral nation in the world -AFTER the Maldives Nation is flooded by the Pacific Ocean (pop. 100,000?).

        Is the failure to accept GW, and try to avoid a much greater Holocaust, an issue of Faith and Morals? Catholics say they believe Papal Infallibility on Faith and Moral issues -except some alleged Catholic politicians?

      Denmark is expected to be the next Carbon-neutral nation, Sweden and Germany plan to reach that goal. USA has no plan to become a "Carbon-Neutral" nation -now, or in the foreseeable future.

        If we ignore what we know is true, we are in denial, yet, too many want to believe the CO2 will come out of the air in "say, 100 years?", someone said at a meeting with "high officials" sponsored by American Progress Inc.

      Fact: CO2 will NEVER "come out", every CO2 molecule in the air will stay forever and contribute to Global Warming always! GW accelerates by a minute amount forever.

        Yes, millions of years ago there was a much higher proportion of CO2 in the world. But, about two million years ago Cosmic Rays destroyed all CO2 and ALL LIFE.  How do "they" say life re-started? They don't say, they do not know that life ended about 2 Million years ago, and restarted???

      The Radioactive Carbon-14 fell on Earth and we got Radiocarbon 14 dating -used to measure the radioactivity of bones of animals, from their last meals. The Cosmic Rays came from a Super Nova, its remnants have been identified.

      The End of Winter - TIME Magazine, 23 January, 2012. Pg 15

      The role of climate change in a disturbingly mild season. By Bryan Walsh

      IT'S TOO EARLY TO SAY WITH CERTAINTY, BUT 2012 is shaping up as the year that Winter Forgot. [re: "the year that Summer Forgot" 1810?] All of December and the first week of January, 2012, saw atypically mild temperatures throughout much of the USA -most dramatically in the usually harsh states of the far north and parts of the Plains, Fargo, ND, hit 55 deg. F on January 5, breaking a more-than-a-century-old record for the Warmest Day in January. In December, at least half the US had temperatures at least 5 deg F above normal. At the end of 2011, less than 20% of the lower 48 was covered with snow, compared with more than 50% at the end of 2010.

      Glacier Park will have no glaciers by 2020 and a billion that depend on Himalaya water will have, both, droughts and floods by 2040. China, Siberia and India will have big problems they know already, they cannot afford the solution, now. We may expect urgent pleas for fleets of our C-147 Globemaster II planes -Russia has flight tested a plane three times bigger than the C-147, maybe they do believe in Global Warming?