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6262Superheroes unmasked as outlaws

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  • bermudezinc
    Apr 12, 2007
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      Superheroes unmasked as outlaws

      Published on Apr 11, 2007

      Local fans of superheroes who visited the Isuzu All Star Hero
      Festival 2007 last weekend were surprised by the disappearance of
      three major new Ultramans who had been installed at the Chaiyo
      Productions camp since the early days of the event.

      The Isuzu All Star Hero Festival 2007 was held at Challenger Hall 3,
      Muang Thong Thani, between March 16 and April 8. The event attracted
      4,000-5,000 visitors a day during the week and 17,000-20,000 a day on

      But Ultraman fans were shocked when they crowded into Challenger Hall
      last weekend. They had expected to see their action heroes, but they
      had fled the scene.

      Two weeks ago, there were three life-sized Ultraman models and a wide-
      screen LCD featuring the preview of a new Ultraman TV series
      scheduled to hit the small screen in the next few months.

      The campaign was part of Chaiyo Productions' plan to promote the
      anticipated new spin-off of the Ultraman series whose lead
      characters - Ultraman Elite, Ultraman Millennium and Dark Ultraman -
      were all created by Chaiyo based on the original model of Ultraman.

      However, the event organisers decided to drop all the new Ultraman
      models on display.

      Moreover, the wide-screened LCD featuring the preview of long-awaited
      Ultraman TV series called "Project Ultraman" was also pulled off. The
      booth where the audience was required to pay to take a sneak behind-
      the-scenes preview of the new Ultraman TV series was likewise out of
      sight. The studio that allowed the audience to take pictures with the
      new Ultraman characters was scaled down, leaving only the originals.

      The abrupt change came

      after the Intellectual Property Court ruled on April 2 to pro-hibit
      Chaiyo Productions from making profits from the spin-off Ultraman
      characters. Their

      verdict was that the new guys constituted a copyright violation.

      Most fans were not aware of the ongoing court case and had no idea of
      what was going on. Fans who planned to take a picture with the new
      Ultraman characters were disappointed but they might take some
      consolation from the thought that these so-called superheroes were
      outlaws who violated the IP law.