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6253RIP: Guy Tucker

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  • lenell1064
    Dec 17, 2006
      I'm sadded to tell everyone I recieved a phone call two days ago
      from former G-Con sucurity and friend John Jocko that kaiju
      historian and friend Guy Mariner Tucker passed away last November

      Guy died of heart failure.

      My deepest sympathy goes to his mother and rest of his family.

      Guy was one of the best historians of daikaiju fandom. He met and
      assciatied with many of the Japanese film industry. such as Haruo
      Nakajima, Kenji Sahara and such.

      Guy was also the author of the Great "Age of the Gods" book about
      his involvement in daikaiju eiga.

      His book is sitting proudly on my shelf of my collection.

      He also was mainly involved with the guests from Japan at G-Con in
      the mid and late 1990's and was Editor of the late Kaiju-Fan.

      Guy was a great friend to me especailly during those great days. He
      among others kept the genre alive.

      Guy.....you will be missed. :-(

      Sayronara..and RIP: Guy Mariner Tucker.

      Your Friend

      Lenell "Ultra" Bridges