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      Subject: New Uptrend Can Mean a New Start - IBDextra Newsletter

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      Letter from the Editor
      Matt Galgani, IBDextra! Newsletter Editor

      New Uptrend Can Mean a New Start

      As of Monday, March 1, the market is in a new uptrend. How strong will it be? How long will it last? No one knows.

      But a new rally means new opportunities to generate new gains, and recoup any past losses.

      It doesn't matter how you've done recently. The only thing that matters is what you do starting today.

      Now is the time to identify and get in early on the top stocks that are setting up and breaking out after a bad market has held them down. Those are the stocks that can go up 40%, 50%, 100% or more in a short amount of time.

      In this issue, including in the Monthly Big Picture, we'll help you do just that.

      Matthew Galgani
      IBDextra! Newsletter Editor

      P.S. Have a question about investing? Email us at IBDextra@.... We're here to help you succeed.

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      Screen Of The Month
      SymbolCompanyComposite Rating Q Ern vs PR Qtr (%)
      EZPW Ezcorp Inc 99 24
      GMCRGreen Mtn Coffee 99 -21
      PCLN Priceline.com 99 -42
      BIDU Baidu Inc 99 -13
      CXO Conco Res 99 68
      View More Stocks »About This Screen
      Data as of 03/1/2010Market Close

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