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Re: Question regarding new Zilla flourescent & Halogen combo

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  • Alsgard
    Hi there, Recently I was poking around Hagen s Zilla site because we always ask new members to our bearded dragon group about their lighting arrangemnt, and
    Message 1 of 40 , Aug 1, 2008
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      Hi there,

      Recently I was poking around Hagen's Zilla site because we always ask
      new members to our bearded dragon group about their lighting
      arrangemnt, and her mini-compact fixtures gave me more questions than
      I started with..

      There actually IS a pdf file on their site warning the consumer about
      the phototherapy phosphor used in their desert 50 series products, but
      a link to it only appears on this page detailing that version of their
      linear T5 models-
      or- http://tinyurl.com/5wrkcq

      Here's a direct link to the pdf-
      or- http://tinyurl.com/6bt5kj

      I'll save you the trouble of looking up the SKUs in their product line
      by pointing out that the new circular halogen combo fixture (in a dome
      style we trust?) and their mini compact dual-lamp deal are NOT in the
      recall list, even though both are only available in the "desert 50"
      series. All SKUs in the recall list are current, so this product line
      apparently hasn't changed yet. Something tells me the mini-compact
      lamps could be a holdover from the old Exo-Terra line, and the new
      circular deal may be made at the same factory. It's all Chinese
      afterall, so it's quite possible (and probable) that the Zilla
      lighting line could come from several different manufacturers.

      So if the curcular/compact tubes appear fairly white when lit (vs.
      purple/blue), I would venture to guess that they do not use the
      dangerous phototherapy phosphors. Of course I wouldn't consider either
      fixture to be much use on anything but the smallest habitats in that

      Anyway I just thought I'd share some observations on this, hope they
      help in some way!


      --- In UVB_Meter_Owners@yahoogroups.com, "drache613" <JKretzs@...> wrote:
      > Hello Everyone,
      > I recently got an email from a friend of mine in California who works
      > in a petstore. So he sees new products when they come in that his
      > boss orders etc.
      > Has anyone seen this product yet?
      > http://images.google.com/imgres?
      > imgurl=http://www.petdiscounters.com/mc_images/product/image/zilla_hal
      > ogen_fluorescent_combo_dome_1_a.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.petdiscounter
      > s.com/c574/Zilla-Halogen-Fluorescent-Combo-Dome-
      > p8057.html&h=195&w=350&sz=34&hl=en&start=2&um=1&tbnid=ymKMhM0Bcc77KM:&
      > tbnh=67&tbnw=120&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dzilla%2Bcombo%2Bdome%26um%3D1%
      > 26hl%3Den
      > The Zilla has not improved their lighting as of yet, correct? If so,
      > this probably is not the best of products I would think. However, it
      > does have a halogen light included, but, it is only a 50 watt light
      > so how bright can it be?
      > Any feedback would be great. As of currently, I have instructed him
      > to tell customers who may be purchasing this product to keep the
      > light at least 8 inches away & they may need to use an additional
      > basking light to get the temps up as well.
      > Thanks.
      > Tracie
    • bobmac@reptileuv.com
      Jimmy, Lucky Lizards Bulb had a minus 3% (-3%) decay in the 4 months had had it before you. it was set at 18 over his basking area combined with a MegaHeat
      Message 40 of 40 , Sep 16, 2008
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        Jimmy, Lucky Lizards Bulb had a minus 3% (-3%) decay in the 4 months had
        had it before you. it was set at 18" over his basking area combined with a
        MegaHeat to get the 95-100 degrees I was looking for.

        Best Regards,
        <http://www.reptileuv.com/> http://www.reptileuv.com
        <http://www.reptileuv.com/> http://www.reptileuvinfo.com

        If you do nothing else today, visit and join the International Reptile
        Conservation Foundation (IRCF) at <http://www.ircf.org/> www.IRCF.org
        The International Reptile Conservation Foundation works to conserve reptiles
        and the
        natural habitats and ecosystems that support them.
        From: UVB_Meter_Owners@yahoogroups.com
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        Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 4:43 AM
        To: UVB_Meter_Owners@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: [UVB_Meter_Owners] MegaRay Metal Halide Info

        Yes the Megaray Metal Halide is very close to the EB mercury vapor
        but its 70 watts insted of 60 and Bobmac sent me one a little while
        back to try out with my iguanas and to use in the up coming megaray
        and new lighting videos for reptileuv.com i'm working on.

        This light looks the same untill you plug it in and WOW its the
        purest bright white light i have ever seen! years ago when i went
        from the old reptisun 5.0 to the megaray MV it was a huge difference
        in brightness, then a while ago when i learned how to add in the
        combo lighting again the brightness took me a couple days to get used
        to it but the iguanas loved it.

        Now i plug this light in and again i'm amazed at just how bright this
        light is it completely matches the light coming in from the open
        window during full sun and yet when i put my hand under it theres no
        artifical color spikes and my skin looks completely natural.

        At first i set it up without my iguana so i could play with it and
        test it many times over afew hours to see what all was happening as i
        wasn't ready for what i saw. lol When i went from the old 5.0 i went
        from under 700 lux to maybe 12,000 lux with just the megaray then
        later 20,000 lux with the combo lighting and now with just this one
        light i'm up to where the sun is on my lux meter taking a reading
        outside in full sun in the afternoon! i couldnt beleive it! over
        70,000 lux at 12 inches and i had to tell Bobmac the other day, that
        if this wasn't a megaray light and i didn't have a uvb meter and lux
        meter i would have been alittle worried to use it but thats what i so
        love about his lights they are nothing but quality! and even with my
        meters i still wasn't 100% sure cause i dont have a UVI 6.5 meter yet
        but after checking reptileuv and seeing the UVI chart Frances made i
        felt better that i was setting it up right.

        I did have to set it alittle higher then the 2 or 3 month old SB 100
        watt megaray i had just bought because this MH has alittle more UVB
        then the MV i was using in that spot and Bob had sent me a matching
        50 watt halogen to use for the basking heat but it also adds alittle
        more lux, more colors and i'm still using my double 48 inch
        fluorescent 5000 K fixture so as my iguana moves to the other end of
        the 4 foot by 4 foot window he will still have close to 2000 lux and
        more of the blue-green down that end to work like shade so he can
        regulate how much lux, uvb and heat he wants. Also because i use 20
        inch wide 9 foot long white closet organizer shelves i made the MH
        uvb "hot spot" point to the one side of the shelf closer to the
        window and the halogen point to the other side of the shelf away from
        the window so he can lay on one side to get full uvb or the other to
        get more heat and less uvb or he can lay sideways with his face at
        the screen in the window and be under both and get uvb closer to his
        3rd eye while his hip and base of the tail will get full heat.

        The 50 watt halogen had to be maybe 2 inches higher then the MH but
        on a cool day in the high 70s low 80s the halogen needs to come down
        about 2 inches to give him the same basking temp and body heat with
        the window open.

        I read somewhere Bobmac was saying making the high quality uvb lights
        is more of an art form and i have to say he is a great artist then
        cause my iguana Binty LOVES this thing and he doesn't want to share
        it with my two rescued igs at all! lol but they have seen it walking
        past his room and this light is like a reptile magnet they all want
        to be under it. When given the choice after a bath in the tub to
        either go in their room and window with the megaray MV and combo
        lighting or the megaray MH all 3 have picked the MH everytime.

        Its so bad that when Binty gets to go outside Woody and Gizmo come in
        they argue over who gets to sit under it and Woody my big wild crazy
        male rescue is such a push over cause he always let Gizmo have the
        best spot and he spends an hour trying to slowly sneak up closer and
        closer cause shes a dominant girl and has no problem bitting him if
        he gets to close and his mouth is 3 times hers but he likes her to
        much to bite her back and if he sits still she likes to sit on him. I
        have found Binty likes it when the halogen and fluorescent come on
        first then later the MH comes on but i have to turn the MH off about
        an hour before dark for him to understand its getting dark out
        because at first he would stay up as long as the MH was on so at 10pm
        hes still basking away which is very unusual for Binty he likes to be
        in his sleeping spot before dark but by turning off the MH and
        leaving on the other 2 types of lights on he seems to realize "the
        sun is going down" and starts looking for where he wants to sleep
        that night as he is a free roamer.

        After learning so much more about lighting in the last year, (Thanks
        to Bobmac, Frances, Henry and many others here) then i knew in the
        last 17 years of owning and then later rescuing iguanas i can see how
        the QUALITY of light is the REAL KEY to keeping them healthy and
        happy in more ways then we ever knew before and now knowing how the
        3rd eye, lux levels, uvb levels all work to super charge their immune
        system i will be switching over from the Megaray MV to the Megaray MH
        when it comes out for sale for all 3 of mine and i'm guessing it will
        be just alittle more then the megaray EB MV, i can say it will be the
        best money i ever spent.

        Bobmac told me this light used to be Lucky Lizards light one of his
        loved rescued iguanas so its been used for a good while but i
        couldn't tell that it wasn't brand new, the lux level is many times
        higher and the uvb was higher then my new SB 100 watt MV. The light
        slowly turns on like the all EB megarays i have noticed it flashes as
        it heats up again like the others but its a very bright flash with
        reddish white look to it and its only a split second a couple times
        as it reaches full intensity but then its a steady white light. This
        is not a production model so the uvb was set at the level Bobmac
        needed and ofcourse as i said i had to high it alttle higher then the
        megaray it replaced but now we'll wait to see the real report from
        Frances on this light and i'll post any changes i see in reading on
        this one, i guess i need to ask Bobmac the age and what the lux and
        uvb started at to see how the decay rate is for this one.

        This really is taking reptile lighting to the next level.


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