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***Thought & Humor*** Feb. 17, 2005 Edition - Please Forward To Your Mom/Prof/Boss/Friend

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    Dear I.R.S. Dear IRS: Read this letter: http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/ New 2004 IRS SHORT FORM: View: http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/ ============ This
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      Dear I.R.S.

      "Dear IRS: Read this letter: http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/

      New 2004 IRS SHORT FORM:
      View: http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/


      This Week's Issue Is Packed With:
      1) New Watersport - see Howdy in action    http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/
      2) Howdy's Winter Home                              http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/
      3) JAPANESE MELON CARVINGS                       http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/
      4) Letters To Howdy                                      http://howdyhumor.blogspot.com/
      Do you know the answers to the Vocabulary Quiz below???
      This was recently tested at these prestigious universities
      with the percentage of sophomore students who
      achieved at least 75% correct:
      N.C. State University              93 % 
      W.S.U.                                    92 %
      U.V.A.                                    91 %
      M.S.U.                                    89 %
      U.S.C.                                    84 %
      Harvard University                 83 %
      U.G.A.                                   82 %
      U.N.C.                                   11 %

      Improve your vocabulary:

      1. swashbuckling (adj.) - A: daring. B: idealistic.
      C: drably dressed. D: romantic.

      2. competent (adj.) - A: agreeable. B: inept. C: vigorous.
      D: competent.

      3. spritz (n.) - A: boat's sail. B: bubble. C: squirt.
      D: overhanging rock.

      4. omnibus (adj.) - A: threatening. B: all-embracing.
      C: round and full. D: slow-moving.

      5. ingenuity (n.) - A: innocence. B: cleverness. C: appeal.
      D: deceitfulness.

      6. canon (n.) - A: barrier. B: noisy gathering. C: guiding
      principle. D: bishop.

      7. parlance (n.) - A: gossip. B: small family room.
      C: witticism. D: manner of speaking.

      8. muster (v.) - A: to assemble. B: relieve. C: challenge.
      D: spread around.

      9. personable (adj.) - A: intimate. B: cheerful. C: attract-
      ive. D: superficial.

      10. concave (adj.) - A: curving outward. B: oval-shaped.
      C: collapsing. D: curving inward.

      11. infatuation (n.) - A: sense of security. B: aversion.
      C: temporary passion. D: feeling of superiority.

      12. forfeit (v.) - A: to exchange. B: give up something.
      C: shield from harm. D: pull back.

      13. query (v.) - A: to question. B: look over thoroughly.
      C: follow through. D: act peculiarly.

      14. intergalactic (adj.) - A: extremely fast. B: subatomic.
      C: radioactive. D: between star systems.

      15. steadfast (adj.) - A: slow but sure. B: strong.
      C: friendly. D: unwavering.

      16. permutation (n.) - A: alteration. B: permission.
      C: stable combination. D: seepage.

      17. rookery (n.) - A: gambling spot. B: children's play-
      ground. C: animal breeding place. D: camping area.

      18. ransack (v.) - A: to run wild. B: destroy completely.
      C: do things haphazardly. D: search thoroughly.

      19. infamous (adj.) - A: somewhat annoying. B: unknown.
      C: simple and unassuming. D: having a bad reputation.

      20. inkling (n.) - A: blemish. B: small object. C: slight
      indication. D: assumption.


      Go here to check your answers:

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      This Week's Issue Is Packed With:
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      1) French university students
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      Board of Advisors for 'Thought & Humor':
      Did you know that 'Thought & Humor' has a distinguished Board of Advisors
      that are designed to be a cross section demographically of our readership as far
      as age, location, gender, marital status, education & occupation are concerned???
      Bill - 50's - FL - Computer Operator for 911 System, V.P. - Archives
      Brenda - 50's - TX - University Administor, Married
      Caroline - 20's - FL - Married, University Student
      Doug - 50's - TN - President of 501(c)(3) Corp, Married
      Ellen - 20's - NJ - University Student
      Emily - 30's - TN - Banker, Married
      Janet - 40's - MI - Married, Former Missionary to Arab Country
      Jill - 50's - MN - Restaurant Owner, Married
      Jim - 40's - NM - Businessman, Married
      John - 50's - Peru - Pastor, Married
      Judy - 60's - TX - Retired School Administrator
      Katie - 20's - NC - Teacher, Married to UNC Med Student
      Laura - 30's - NY - English Teacher
      Lisa - 40's - TN - Secretary, Married
      Marie - 60's - South Africa - Entrepreneur, Politician
      Mamie - 20's - GA - Elementary Teacher
      Milton - 19 - GA - College Student
      Phil - 50's WI - Handicapped
      Rob - 30's - NY - University Administor, Married
      Ruth - 50's - CA - Real Estate, Involved in Spanish Ministry
      Sarah - 30's - NC - UNC Student, Married
      Shirl - 60's - CO - Finance Manager - Married to Minister
      Wanda - 40's - Asia - Married - Communist Country
      Advisory meetings are held weekly via the internet
      and none receive monetary/pecuniary compensation
      for their extensive/capacious/voluminous expertise.


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      mission". First published in the last century (July 26, 1997).                   
                            Soli Deo Gloria...                  
      ________ "E-Mail Newspaper (Free4u)"  _________
      References gleaned for great humor & information: Merry Heart,
      Thomas S. Elworth, Funny List, MeMail, Daily Dose, Joke of the Day,
      Kim Komando, Shagmail, MIKEY'S FUNNIES , The Daily Tease,
      Crosswalk.com, CLEAN LAFFS & Gophercentral.
      Quoting one is plagiarism; quoting many is research.

      'Thought & Humor'
      respects your privacy and wishes to honor
      your desires to not receive e-mail from us if that's your choice,
      and we apologize if any message causes any inconvenience
      to you or your computer. We have never given any reader's
      e-mail addresses to a third party & have no plans to do such
      unless the price is right:o) (Liberals please note - that was
      humor)  The E-Mail Newspaper is sent to you with love.

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      subject line from this edition) and I will personally
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      address, I will need that also:o)

      lease do not "reply" to this letter
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