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***Thought & Humor*** Feb. 4, 2005 Edition - Please Forward To Everyone In Your Address Book And Work/School

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  • Howdy Your-Friend
    Welcome to the E-Mail Newspaper featuring Thought & Humor by Howdy Double Click on Football For Latest Award Winning Issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2005
                             Welcome to the E-Mail Newspaper
                                       featuring 'Thought & Humor'
                                                 by Howdy
      Double Click on Football For Latest Award Winning Issue 
      or go to this site on the web for great humor, cartoons,
      thought & riddles:
      Double click above link or copy and paste this link into your Web Browser's address line
       (Remember to minus down)

      Super Bowl Ads - History - Videos

      A Great Collection of Super Bowl Ads -
      watch a video of old & new:

      Click Here       http://ilovehowdy.blogspot.com/

      Word Quiz

      Of all the words below from a recent movie, how many do you know?

      1. verbatim (adj.) - A: talkative. B: unusual. C: exceedingly
      green. D: word for word.

      2. chirrup (n.) - A: leather stirrup. B: cherry-flavored
      cough syrup. C: chirp. D: warm breeze.

      3. pince-nez (n.) - A: kind of candy. B: type of eyeglasses.
      C: princely robe. D: crab's claws.

      4. prosaic (adj.) - A: dull. B: prehistoric. C: legal in
      nature. D: rhyming.

      5. deduce (v.) - A: to trim. B: form into pairs. C: infer.
      D: prepare for cooking.

      6. forestall (v.) - A: to lie in front of. B: hinder.
      C: warn. D: abandon.

      7. sluice (n.) - A: passage for water. B: strawberry-lime
      soft drink. C: very thin slice. D: comfort.

      8. tremulous (adj.) - A: related to an earthquake. B: gigan-
      tic. C: high-pitched. D: affected with trembling.

      9. buttress (v.) - A: to link, as a bridge. B: strengthen.
      C: sit up in bed. D: increase by half.

      10. crystalline (adj.) - A: breakable. B: futuristic.
      C: minuscule. D: sparkling.

      11. subside (v.) - A: to sink or fall. B: exert control.
      C: exist on very little. D: underestimate.

      12. aberration (n.) - A: refusal to consider. B: unsound-
      ness. C: unwavering concentration. D: constant nagging.

      13. proficiency (n.) - A: offensive slang. B: motel room
      with hot plate. C: unusual talent. D: advancement in skill.

      14. cower (v.) - A: to intimidate. B: shrink away.
      C: manipulate through flattery. D: call out to.

      15. thrum (v.) - A: to make a monotonous sound. B: pull
      toward with one's thumb. C: drag. D: unload.

      16. erratic (adj.) - A: by design. B: in sequence.
      C: characterized by inconsistency. D: irrelevant.

      HERE for answers!!!   http://ilovehowdy.blogspot.com/

      (Then scroll down for answers)


      If you have any encouragement from
      being united with Christ, if any comfort
      from his love, if any fellowship with the
      Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion,
      then make my joy complete by being like-
      minded, having the same love, being
      one in spirit and purpose. Philippians 2

      Written to the church in Philippi.

      Riddles For 2.3.5

      1) I am something that nothing is, but yet I have a name.
      I am sometimes tall and sometimes short.
      I join your talks; I join your sport,
      And I play in every game.
      What am I?

      2) If you mulitply all the numbers on the telephone, what
      is the answer?

      3) My first is in fish but not in snail
      My second is in rabbit but not in tail
      My third is in up but not in down
      My fourth is in tiara but not in crown
      My fifth is in tree you plainly see
      My whole a food for you and me.
      What Am I?

      4) A Train enters a tunnel at 7 o'clock, another train enters
      the exact same tunnel, also at 7 o'clock on the same day.
      The tunnel only has one track, and no other means for the
      trains to pass, around, over, or under. However both trains
      made it to the other end of the tunnel untouched. How could
      this be?

      Answers: Click Here    http://ilovehowdy.blogspot.com/

      (Then scroll down)

      Moth Balls

      Allison, a UNC grad, went into a hardware
      store and bought a box of mothballs. The
      next day she returned again and purchased
      a second box.

      When she came back a third time, the sales-
      person's curiosity got the best of him and he says,

      "You sure must have a lot of moths in your
      house, lady! That's the 3rd large box you're buying."

      "Oh, I do," says Allison. "And I can't take
      it anymore. I've been throwing these little
      balls at them for two days and I haven't hit
      a single one yet!"


      The Fly & The Clock

      Q. Why did the fly head for the alarm clock?

      A. He wanted to land on time.

      It's Been A Long Day!!!

      Children's Questions

      The image “http://www.mauigateway.com/~kenika/photo/images/photos/2251_01.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

      I often wonder if in the spirit of the information
      age, we boast in the promise of endless and

      instant answers, failing to notice that we are
      too soon interrupting questions with explanation.
      Perhaps an abundance of answers has stifled

      our teens' ability to probe deeply the truths
      and mysteries of faith. We seldom look for
      opportunities to practice talking about the
      things we cease to wonder at. Our children
      will ask; in our answers may we not

      interrupt their inquisitive sense of awe.

      Click   http://xrl.us/eyu6   for more!!!

      Wednesday, February 02, 2005

      Your Mind

      "If your mind goes blank, don't
      forget to turn off the sound."

      --Red Green

      Getting To Know You

      This Week's Issue Is Packed With:
      1) Great Humor
      2) Thought
      3) Riddles
      4) Word Puzzles
      5) Letters                
      6) Trivia                 
      7) Much More       
      If you would like to write Howdy (he reads all of them),
      send a nice or fussy e-mail to the following:
      Dear Howdy
      Thank you for your effort in creating this newsletter.  I can tell that
      a lot of work goes into it.  However I do not have the time to read such
      a large email. 
      Thank You,
      Jason GMU 
      Just what IS the "scientific evidence for creation"?

      Thanks, Ron

      Hey Ron,

      There's a bunch but there's none for the evolution
      crowd. Check out this link:


      It will tell you about some PhD types  that
      specialize in that debate.

      Your Friend,


      I did not sign up for this newsletter.   After spending some time reading it,
      I noticed that it is very religious in nature, and i am not.  Please remove
      me from the list.  thank you.Kelly (DEPAUW U.)

      Hey Kelly,

      Neither am I! Religion is man's attempt to reach God while Christianity
      is God's attempt to reach men & women. How's He doing as far as
      your life is concerned. He reached me when I was 8.

      Your Friend,


      I would like to unsubscribe from this email. I never asked to receive
      it and I am outraged at your position on CEDAW (I am very adamantly
      for it.) Oh and don't send me things regarding Jesus. I am also very
      opposed to proselytizing. Thank you.Eric (ferris.edu)

      Hey Eric,

      Thanks for writing. Why is it proselytizing if one talks about Jesus
      but not Allah, Buddha, or Joseph Smith. Why do movies, TV shows,
      and folks in general take Jesus name in vain but not Allah, Buddha, or
      Joseph Smith? Perhaps that's their way of demonstrating that He's God!!!

      Your Devoted Friend,

      Please note that our policy allows for us to receive threats
      on alternate Tuesdays when the Moon is waning only...

      Dear Howdy, I am a second year law student at a Florida public law school. I often
      visit Crosswalk.com, and apparantly on one of my most recent visits, I
      subscribed to Howdy. Well, our Father in Heaven knows exactly what we
      need. I check my email every morning, and I cannot not tell you how
      delighted I was today to find Howdy's awesome newsletter.  I was rushed
      this morning, so regretfully, I did not get a chance to read my Word.
      But Howdy has filled that void for me today, and I feel sooooooo much
      better equipped to deal with the challanges I am to face. What an
      awesome blessing! The newletter is inspiritng, insightful, informative,
      and thought-provoking. Thank God for all you that work to put this
      newletter together and distribute it to desperately needy folks like me.
      I must not be selfish; I must forward!!! :)))
      God bless!
      C. (FSU)
      Hi Howdy:  Love your jokes, inspiration and facts!  You may have heard this
      one: Question-- How can you tell if a U.N.C. (or your favorite U) freshman
      has been using your word processor?  Answer -- there's white-out on the
      screen.  Keep up the good work! Alan (dvc.edu)
       Dear Howdy,
      Did Anyone ever tell you,
      Just how special You are?
      The light that You emit
      Might even light a star?
      Did Anyone ever tell You
      How important You make Others feel?
      Somebody out there is smiling
      About Love that is so real?
      Did Anyone ever tell You
      Many times, when They were sad,
      Your e-mail made Them smile a bit
      In fact It made them glad?
      For the time You spend sending things
      And sharing whatever You find,
      There are no words to thank You
      But Somebody thinks You're fine.
      Did Anyone ever tell You
      Just how much They love You?
      Well,  My Dearest "Online"  Friend,
      Today I am telling YOU!
      Have a blessed day, my special online friend!

      Don't Have Internet Access???
      Write Howdy to be placed on the once/wk list to receive
      portions of the Blog (similar format to last year's weekly
      e-mail issues) at no charge & FREE to YOUR e-mail address!!!
      This material is not suitable for those who are deficient in humor
      or thought challenged!!! Do not read any further - you have been
      warned. Preconceived ideas and biases could be endangered.
      A unique blend of the jocular with provocative rumination is just
      ahead for your divertissement!?! "UNSUBSCRIBE" communiqué
      located below.
        Even UNC Sophomores can do it...
      Bookmark YOUR NEW Blog:
      Updated frequently!!!
      Cartoons, humor &  thought daily.
      Please post at your school/work site.
      'Thought & Humor' -  often polemical but
      never tasteless/unrefined/uncouth/ribald.
      Permission is hereby granted for you to change all
      humor used in The"E-Mail Newspaper", 'Thought
      & Humor' and its subsidiaries related to the institution
      of lower learning hereby known as UNC to another
      of your choice from the list below:

      1) French university students
      2) Harvard or U.C.-Berkeley
      3) Any accredited high school or middle school
      4) Any Loggerheads & Pundits
      5) Any and all persnickety individuals or nincompoops
      6) Any Chapel Hill, NC Citizen unless same sends an offspring
      to NCSU, JSU, MSU, USC, UGA, or FSU.
      Howdy's address:       your-bestfriend4u@...
      Board of Advisors for 'Thought & Humor':
      Did you know that 'Thought & Humor' has a distinguished Board of Advisors
      that are designed to be a cross section demographically of our readership as far
      as age, location, gender, marital status, education & occupation are concerned???
      Bill - 50's - FL - Computer Operator for 911 System, V.P. - Archives
      Brenda - 50's - TX - University Administor, Married
      Caroline - 20's - FL - Married, University Student
      Doug - 50's - TN - President of 501(c)(3) Corp, Married
      Ellen - 20's - NJ - University Student
      Emily - 30's - TN - Banker, Married
      Janet - 40's - MI - Married, Former Missionary to Arab Country
      Jill - 50's - MN - Restaurant Owner, Married
      Jim - 40's - NM - Businessman, Married
      John - 50's - Peru - Pastor, Married
      Katie - 20's - NC - Teacher, Married to UNC Med Student
      Laura - 30's - NY - English Teacher
      Lisa - 40's - TN - Secretary, Married
      Marie - 60's - South Africa - Entrepreneur, Politician
      Mamie - 20's - GA - Elementary Teacher
      Milton - 19 - GA - College Student
      Phil - 50's WI - Handicapped
      Rob - 30's - NY - University Administor, Married
      Ruth - 50's - CA - Real Estate, Involved in Spanish Ministry
      Sarah - 30's - NC - UNC Student, Married
      Shirl - 60's - CO - Finance Manager - Married to Minister
      Steve - 40's - TX - Married, Computer Hardware Design
      Wanda - 40's - Asia - Married - Communist Country
      Advisory meetings are held weekly via the internet
      and none receive monetary/pecuniary compensation
      for their extensive/capacious/voluminous expertise.


      The "E-Mail Newspaper" containing 'Thought & Humor'
      is sent out FREE via e-mail w/o ads. This information
      was sent to you because you made the request, 'Thought
      & Humor' is one small  attempt to obey "The Great Com-
      mission". First published in the last century (July 26, 1997).                   
                            Soli Deo Gloria...                  
      ________ "E-Mail Newspaper (Free4u)"  _________
      References gleaned for great humor & information: Merry Heart,
      Thomas S. Elworth, Funny List, MeMail, Daily Dose, Joke of the Day,
      Kim Komando, Shagmail, MIKEY'S FUNNIES , The Daily Tease,
      Crosswalk.com, CLEAN LAFFS & Gophercentral.
      Quoting one is plagiarism; quoting many is research.

      'Thought & Humor'
      respects your privacy and wishes to honor
      your desires to not receive e-mail from us if that's your choice,
      and we apologize if any message causes any inconvenience
      to you or your computer. We have never given any reader's
      e-mail addresses to a third party & have no plans to do such
      unless the price is right:o) (Liberals please note - that was
      humor)  The E-Mail Newspaper is sent to you with love.

      Notice: 'Thought & Humor' uses Norton Antivirus 2004
      for our readers' protection.
      Check out YOUR new Blog:
      Updated frequently!!!
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      be unsubscribed by Yahoo & Howdy will have
      a keen! If this doesn't work, write me (with the
      subject line from this edition) and I will personally
      remove your name.  If you use a forwarding
      address, I will need that also:o)

      lease do not "reply" to this letter
            for communications with Howdy -
            he WILL NOT open or respond
            to “reply” email. That's for Yahoo's
            Unsubscribing Department use only.
            A separate contact address is listed
            above for your convenience. Thank you.


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