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9055Re: [UV-3R] Re: UV3R MK1 Speaker mic

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  • Pencoys
    Aug 10 11:47 PM
      Mat et.al.
      Its not so much the Mic element, as its cavity. Resonances and echoes from the
      casing will effect the frequency response. So will the operators clarity of
      the speech. The element its-self is important, but its the total package that
      is the problem,. I would try a standard 'telephone' electret mic insert, if
      you can find one the correct size, or perhaps, a totally different 'quality'
      mic rewired for the UV3 e.g. Icom or Kenwood speaker mics

      On 10 Aug 2014 at 13:49, Matthew Johnson matt@... [UV-3R] wrote:

      > I took the mic apart. I see the mic element in there and I
      > want to replace it, but I have no idea about what too look for
      > in a 'good' mic element.
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