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9042Re: Rubber buttons!

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  • stanwhite_snr
    Jul 17, 2014
      Take it apart, the little spring discs that are the contacts are only held in place by sellotape (UK), or Scotch tape (US), and the side switches like the F/A button are available. I found all sorts of debris inside the "spring disc" switches.. (I reckon someone in the factory had a working lunch, and had sandwiches, Hi Hi!!!)

       Stripping it requires undoing some screws, and unsoldering the antenna connector from the PCB, but that's about it.

       For such a cheap radio, its no problem if you break it trying to fix it, but if you do fix it, you'll gain some experience for when an expensive radio needs some tender loving care.....!  

       73 de Stan, G4EGH
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