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9031RE: [UV-3R] Re: Volume Mod - FIXED

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  • John LaMartina
    May 23 6:36 PM

      My biggest fear is conflict between Big Fingers and Little Tiny Components. :- )
      Glad it worked well for you.

      John K3NXU


      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 7:46 PM
      To: UV-3R@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [UV-3R] Re: Volume Mod – FIXED

      Well, I was right. First time this year.

      I took the radio apart, to the step just prior to desoldering the antenna connector. I believe the rubber cover to the speaker mic and the part of it that attaches inside the case was not
      eated properly. The unit seemed to slip back in the case easily.

      The Function key and PTT are working and easy to push now.

      So if you do the mod, take time to make sure everything lines up and goes back together easily and all the buttons will work properly. 


      Thank you John, K3NXU and web page  Baofeng Pofung UV3R UV-3R UV3+ UV3R+ UV-3R+" />



      Baofeng Pofung UV3R UV-3R UV3+ UV3R+ UV-3R+" />

      Baofeng Pofung UV3R UV-3R UV3R+ UV-3R+ UV3+ FAQ Drivers Software Accessories


      Preview by Yahoo

       for the informative site!!! I used the 33K resistor and the volume is now just right. 

      Joe -- W2DI 


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