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8960Re: [UV-3R] tuning knob has erratic results.

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  • Matthew Johnson
    Mar 4, 2014
      If you thought your radio was in VFO mode, but it was actually in Memory mode you might see this behavior... if adjacent channels in memory have frequency values that first count up and then down.  The radio I received already had some of the memory filled. 
      The way I tell if the radio is in memory mode is to look for the tiny two digit numbers towards the top-left of the LCD display.
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      Subject: [UV-3R] tuning knob has erratic results.
      Date: 03 Mar 2014 19:49:04 -0800

      Hi ,  I have had my little 3r for several months and have shown it to several hams who have lots more experience than me .   The tuning knob changes the frequencies but does so erratically.  Turning clockwise for example may change the frequency higher for a few steps then reverse and go lower.  all while turning the same direction.  Does anybody else have this problem ??  If so have there been any remedies to the problem it is really annoying and difficult to change frequencies. 

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