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8952Noise/distortion at certain frequency

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    Feb 28, 2014
      Hi all,
      I was testing my new UV-3R+ to get some feeling of the performance against some of the local repeater around my area, and notice that it has some weird behavior. At some freq, it will, from time to time, receive a noise burst for a second or so, then turn normal again. Some other freq (of a repeater) will have a continuous noise/distorted signal.. the noise sounds like an un-tuned TV set... When someone Tx, the noise will go off for a while, then return...

      I was kind of disappointed as I would like to take this radio with me to more official function such as dinner event due to the small size, but the continuous noise is a bit irritating..

      I does not have this issue when tested using my UV-82 and UV-B6. Anyone had the same problem before?
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