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8834RE: Aircraft band

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  • dovidjensen
    Nov 14, 2013

      As for AM to FM I once set my Icom 706 to the 2m simplex area and must have bumped the mode button.  I talked to a friend about 4km away who I had gifted a UV-3R.  After about a minute he figured it out, he first thought that he had somehow damaged his speaker I couldn't figure out why he was distorted on my end having never AM'ed to an FM HT.  We had no problem understanding each other just distorted.

      It makes sense that the band passes and antenna would be an issue just like the 220mhz mod, no surprise that the processor gets wonky down there too.  The other side is I REALLY don't want to play around off freq on air band though monitoring might be fun.  It is really too bad as while I like my SP-200 it is nearly the size of a police radio on some 70's TV show with the AA batt pack in it is a tough bag or belt luggable gadget.  Not sure I want to spend $200 for a single purpose pocket size radio, you see them in many flight bags but you actually don't use the handheld rigs that much.

      BTW I remember LOS for an airliner which will be monitoring 121.5 is about 200 nautical miles. Even if you don't fly but do at sea or backcountry adventure an air-band subcompact with a good 300ohm TV antenna line jpole antenna is a pretty good EPIRB backup or adjunct.

      ---In uv-3r@yahoogroups.com, <les@...> wrote:

      Fair enough, but the FM transmitter we’re talking about here is a UV-3R.  More generally, it’s a frequency-agile transmitter, which practically precludes the kind of selectivity you’re talking about. 

        -Les W6VN

      On 13 Nov 2013, at 19:41, david vanhorn <kc6ete@...> wrote:

      The bandpass of a wacom duplexer set is quite sharp, and did in this case, am modulate the signal.  This is a matter of measurement,  not opinion..


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