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8831RE: just got another UV3r this time the original not plus version.

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  • leica.torquay
    Nov 14 11:08 AM
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      Thanks Rob, real excited at the prospect of opening it at christmas (well actually around the 28th when my parents arrive haha) meanwhile am I allowed to link to my UK ebay auction on this forum as I have just listed the new UV3R plus ? not sure if it is permitted on here to sell stuff.

      I ordered some TRRS 3.5 mm plugs from a seller in china the other day so will be able to make my leads up for connecting to my galaxy tab. do you guys use shileded cable for your connections like this? I only have three conncetions to make on this ear mic and ground.

      gonna be a good xmas as I now have a rtl sdr dongle coming as well for xmas from my parents as well as my raspberry Pi . cheers....paul 

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      That's a good find. I have an original UV3R (Mark 1?) with the separate antennas and also have a UV3R+. I really like them both, but have to admit that when I grab one to stuff in my pocket when I head out hiking, biking, or whatever, I grab the older original UV3R. It really is a lot smaller and it works just as well as the UV3R+ for my purposes. Glad you found one! - Rob W1AEX

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      so cool I just bought the original UV 3 R version not the plus  on ebay at a bargain price, am very pleased, once it arrives I will just test it to see if it works, the I will sell the brand new UV 3 r Plus on ebay. I really wanted the original uv3r with the single barrel ear/mic plug. very pleased.
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