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8817RE: Aircraft band

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  • dovidjensen
    Nov 13, 2013

      What I really wanted was advice getting CHIRP freq limits bypassed so I can program down at air band, nothing I can see in the .conf files.

      There is no way for me to edit a post once it is sent on Yahoo groups as they go out via email immediately, but anyone who knows would see and understand the obvious typo so I didn't pollute the group with an extra post. 

      I carry the UV-3R in my pocket daily so why not have a few programmed channels to backup my larger air band HT which I mostly leave in my bag.  The HT is itself a backup to the aircraft NAV/COM radios.

      BTW Bill, you should know that air band radios are AM only so 121.5 is also AM not FM, in an unlikely emergency though a slightly distorted voice is far better than none especially at no additional price.

      ---In uv-3r@yahoogroups.com, <wrmaxwell@...> wrote:

      Not ideal? Well, even assuming running FM on an AM frequency allocation is going to work, buzzy or otherwise, there wouldn't be much point tuning in 122.5 MHz., as the rest of the world, sensibly using FM radios, will be monitoring the real  international distress frequency of 121.5 MHz. I suggest you get yourself an Airband handheld, using AM, and get far more reliable communications, especially when it may count.
      On 13/11/2013 8:22 PM, dovidjensen@... wrote:

      While it is not ideal running FM on the AM aircraft band the distortion is not bad, it just sounds a bit buzzy like talking through a blown headset. 
      I tried to program my UV-3R MkII using CHIRP on Ubuntu Linux but it will not allow me to program that far down in frequency.
      I want between 118–138Mhz or even just 122.5Mhz distress freq so I can use it for emergency calling.

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