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8803uv 3r plus ear/mic wiring

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  • leica.torquay
    Nov 8, 2013
      Hi I just ordered a uv 3r, its my xmas present so wont be able to play with it til after xmas. I bought it on the strength of this article (link below)


      for the simple wiring requirements, upon reading a FAQ on here its got the same plug as the uv 5r which was my first choice, but I went with the 3 as I liked the single plug.

      from the look of the diagram I need to find the Mic in ,audio out and common ground on the baofeng.  Im assuming the larger part of the dual plug (3.5mm) is left and right speaker) and the smaller part is a 2.5mm with mic and ground.

      Im not sure how ptt is handled, if it is thru the common ground connection but I know it is activated by the vox system built in the radio.

      this guy in his video


      uses just a 3.5mm lead on his uv5r as he only uses it as a tracker.

      my uk G7 license lapsed quite a few years ago so I will be getting that re applied for 
      meanwhile Im hoping to pick up enough info, to get the radio running aprs when I get it. Thanks for bearing with me on this post, my skills were not brilliant when I had my license and they have dulled over the years. best wishes...Paul ex G7BTH
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