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8798RE: Display problem?

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  • mikep_n4mep
    Nov 6, 2013
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      I think this is a known “feature”. Mine has been doing that since I bought it.

      I reminds me of back in the day when TV and radios had to warm up before using them. :-) 



      ---In uv-3r@yahoogroups.com, <k5ddj@...> wrote:

      When I turn on my UV-3R+ after not using it for a while all of the segments on the display will lite up and then slowly fade away in a few seconds leaving  just the freqency displayed like it should be. If I turn the radio off and then back on again it displays correctly.  It's only after being off some time that this happens.  Do I have a potential problem to worry about?

      Harvey, K5DDJ 
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