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8796RE: froze

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  • m1pete
    Nov 2, 2013

       I think you have hit it on the head, I did use a non Baofeng lead.

      I was unaware that the positive and negative was different.

      Thanks for the info, I have non replaced it with a uv5-r.  

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      Did you use the UV-3R lead, the one supplied with the radio? It is the only one that works properly because of the voltage polarity, if you use another lead, even if it fits in the socket, you risk damaging the radio by reverse voltage. The outside contact of the 3R lead is (+) positive, center is (-) negative 5V. Most other leads are outside (-) negative and center (+) positive 5V. If you did use the correct lead then it could be a warranty claim, if using the wrong lead you've probably 'bricked' it unfortunately, and it will need repair (cost prohibitive) or replacement (probably cheaper).

      --- In UV-3R@yahoogroups.com, <irlp.link@...> wrote:
      > Can anyone help, I have a uv-3r, it was working Ok until I pluged in the USB charger. The radio as seems to of stuck EG: the green RX light stays on, the RX bar at the bottom of the sceen shows full scale.
      > The channal changer knob still works but the radio will not TX or RX, and it will not turn off so I have to take the batery out to shut it down.
      > Any ideas has to what the problem could be and how to fix it please.
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