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87832yrs +...Still pleased with my UV-3R :-)

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  • galacticpoohbah
    Oct 26, 2013
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      I've had my UV-3R for a couple of years now, and it has been collecting dust on the shelf "resting" while I have been playing with the UV-5R.

      I recently had occasion to pull it off the shelf to charge the batteries and manually program some frequencies into it.
      - Unlike the UV-5R, manually programming and putting frequencies into memory channels IS very intuitive.
      - I am continually pleased to see what this low power radio can do, and what a difference a better that stock "stubby" antenna makes. Typically, I use a Diamond SRH77CA and for fun I I hook it up to a "gain" Jetstream JTB-3B vertical with LMR-400, mounted at 20' AGL.

      I hope to do the volume mod sometime over the winter when my schedule slows down a bit.:-)

      Have a great weekend everybody!
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