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8781TH-UV3R frequency range

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  • cmu.gaetano
    Oct 26, 2013
      Hi all. Few days ago I received my radio from China. Waiting for it I prepared my file with my favorite frequencies, playing also for an expanded frequency range coverage. In the first step I modified the model information (set-up) popup box obtaining a tri band as known, but, not satisfied, I tried to mod directly the .dat file.
      Results I think are good:
      134-174 200-260 400-520 76-108
      On the other hand in this moment I don't Know how much power it produce or if it receive with good sensitivity because at home I don't have useful instruments, but it works!
      I don't know also exactly the meaning of all symbols you can read on the attached file but I got the right combination by comparison with other files.
      Is there anybody trying this way? (2.5 KHz step for example).
      So download the file (cmu.dat) from the files section and open it with your software. All the channel information will be cleaned.
      I apologize for my Italian-English but let me know your tests.
      IT9CMU, Gaetano
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