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8779RE: RE: Baofeng uv-3r transmiting when connected to cable, unable to program.

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  • gregoryd99
    Oct 24, 2013
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      I'm hoping this will help ... try this sequence:

      1. Plug the cable in and view the COM port assigned to it in the Device Manager of the computer OS. You can un-plug and then re-plug the cable in to see which port is being activated by the chosen USB port; they are each different.

      2. Open the software and set the COM port number displayed in the Device Manger.

      3. With the radio OFF, plug the programming cable into the radio.

      4. Turn the radio ON and select Write to Radio from the Program drop-down menu.

      5. After programming, turn the radio OFF before you un-plug the cable.

      Never plug/un-plug the programming cable with the radio ON.

      If you do it in any other sequence, or skip any of the steps ... you will have problems. Trust me!

      Let us know if that works?


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       I have the exact same problem. I have tried two different cables with my UV-3R. I have a Win Vista and a Mac. On either machine, the radio transmits as soon as it is connected to the USB. I have tried reinstalling drivers but still cannot use the computer to program.

      thanks and 73s

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      Good point John, I will try to uninstall the driver and re-install it. The radio actually transmits when connected to the computer port but to the its fine. I'll update the problem when possibleThanks for your help
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