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  • m6mfp@sky.com
    Sep 2, 2013
      Set your main VFO frequency to 147.420 then go into the menu and set TX-CODE to 107.2, OFFSET to 0.945 and SHIFT to - (minus). Save/store to a spare mem channel for ease of use (hold 'F/A' side button for [F] on display, press front 'U/V' button for small mem numbers to flash, select spare mem number, press 'U/V' button to store).


      --- In UV-3R@yahoogroups.com, "bartenderjim" <bartenderjim2002@...> wrote:
      > Well, got home from work...tried all the suggestions....tried CHIRP...tried the factory software....tried changing port settings (both in computer and in software)...tried everthing I could find in messages here...in the files section...other places on the net....everywhere I could. Could not get the radio and computer to conect to each other...so I was able to program in a couple of local repeaters manually..well I least learned that well...:-)....now I do have a local club repeater here that does not use the standard offset.....recieve is 147.42000 transmit is 146.47500 with a tone of 107.2. How would I program that in manually? Anyone help please?
      > Thanks...this group has been more than helpful since I joined it.
      > JamesM.
      > KJ6FXA
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