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8524Mac os programming software

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  • scotthbutler
    Jul 21, 2013
      Hi all,

      If any one can help please?

      I have downloaded the latest version of chirp on my Mac and tried to program my UV-3R, I need to program channels in duplex modes and simplex, some with CTSS tones some with out. I cant seem to get chirp to set up that way. It only lets me input one frequency(Im assuming I have it in simplex mode)

      I have a used the software available on this group to program my radio using a PC running Win 7 with good results. I would like to get a similar program for my mac so I can make changes to my channelling as required rather than use the PC when Im at the office.

      If anyone has a copy of the UV-3R software for mac or advice on how to use chirp properly please reply.

      Any advice would be appreciated.
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