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8301Re: fork of firmware flash thread

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  • mbramwel2001
    Apr 15, 2013
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      If I had my choice, I would like to see a fully PC controllable HT.

      My suggestion...

      Make the firmware work as a computer controlled radio. Much like the Icom PCR 100/1000 radios. Pick a radio that has good support inside Ham Radio Deluxe and duplicate that command set.

      The LCD will show basic information, and the HT would be unusable without a computer.

      Why? Think of the $2000 satellite base stations used for sat tracking. Now imagine a $50 HT with the same capability plugged into sat-tracking software.

      It would also allow the HT to be used as a frequency-agile-link transceiver on repeaters.

      Like I said, find a radio currently supported by Ham Radio Deluxe and Sat trackers, and emulate their command set.

      I have done this for another device and it was easy once you know how to program the real device. Using an established command set removes much of the complexity (thinking of a good UI) from the project.
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